SPAM Awards June 7 will be held as scheduled

Update as of 1:30 pm, Friday, June 6:

The 2014 SPAM Awards will be held as scheduled.  Please join us to celebrate the SPU Theatre's 2013-14 season and to gather as the SPU Theatre family to support one another.

Date: Saturday, June 7, 2014
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: E.E. Bach Theatre, McKinley Hall

History of the SPAM Awards

The first SPAM Awards, held at Discovery Park in the summer of 1988, was literally a picnic. Seattle Pacific actors and technicians met in the late Saturday afternoon to have some fun, have a cookout, and celebrate the ending of an ambitious season. An announcement was made that awards would be presented.

Most students and staff assumed the awards would be the typical “Academy Awards” variety and were rather surprised when a can of SPAM was presented to the winners for a variety of activities, lines, and characterizations that had been less than stellar. At first laughter came slowly, but as the recognitions continued, everyone began to laugh at those special moments that make the process of creating theatre so enjoyable and memorable.

The SPAM Awards continued, not in the park, but on the SPU stage as the culminating event of the season. It has become a celebration of our living, working, and creating together; a celebration of graduating students for sharing their time, talents, gifts of imagination, creativity, sensitivity, and support; and a celebration of anticipation as we look ahead to our next season together.

In 1998, the 10th anniversary of the first SPAM Picnic, the event was re-instituted at Discovery Park on the Saturday before the official awards night as a relaxing time for students and faculty to enjoy one another outside the theatre setting.

Posted: Thursday, February 06, 2014


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