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Master in Teaching Mathematics and Science

Students from the U.S. are not meeting standards in math and science at the same rate as other countries. Many experts believe that the best way to improve student performance on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) exams is to increase the number of quality STEM teachers and support them with significant professional development. SPU designed the Master in Teaching Mathematics and Science (MTMS) degree to meet just this need.

Who Should Pursue This Degree

Do you want to teach mathematics or one of the sciences at the middle school, junior high, or senior high level? If you hold an undergraduate degree and want to earn teaching certification with a mathematics or science endorsement concurrently with a master’s degree, then this program is for you.

Although similar to other SPU teacher certification and master’s degree programs (MAT, ARC), the MTMS program provides candidates with courses specifically tailored to teaching styles appropriate for math and science content, rather than general curricula applicable to most subject area endorsements.  


Teacher candidates in the MTMS program at SPU

  • Earn a Washington Residency Teacher Certificate
  • Complete a Master in Teaching Mathematics and Science degree, which offers greater teaching expertise and a higher position on the salary scale
  • Progress through the program with fellow students in a cohort
  • Enjoy personalized advising and mentoring from faculty and staff
  • Gain skills and knowledge in the use of instructional and management strategies
  • Take part in a full-time, year-long internship experience with diverse learners
  • Learn from technology instruction embedded in the curriculum
  • Receive guaranteed enrollment in certification courses

Program Outline

The program outline includes a description of program components, schedule, coursework, and internship. The official degree requirements for this program are shown in the SPU Graduate Catalog according to the year candidates are admitted.

Admission Information

What is required for admission to the MTMS degree? Find information about admission requirements and procedures.

2016 ARC and MTMS Program Interviews

ARC and MTMS program interviews are scheduled for March 19, 2016, on the SPU campus. Candidates who pass the initial application review process will be invited to the interviews via the email address provided on the application.

Did You Know?

Help IconSPU offers an MAT for those who want to teach something other than math or science.