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All of SPU's BS Engineering Degrees are ABET-accredited. This includes the Electrical, Computer and General Engineering degrees.





General Engineering


The general engineering (GEngr) program at SPU offers a solid engineering foundation through its core engineering requirements, breadth in the liberal arts through the university common curriculum requirements. Concentrations in appropriate and sustainable engineering (ASE) or mechanical engineering (ME) are available. The core general engineering requirements include basic engineering courses along with mathematics and science prerequisites for upper division engineering courses. General engineering students at Seattle Pacific University will learn to think critically, develop engineering problem solving skills, and work closely with students in a varietyof engineering disciplines in design projects within a Christian environment concentrated in the liberal arts. The General Engineering degree is accredited by the Engineering Accreditatin Commision of ABET.

  General Engineering

Appropriate and Sustainable Engineering (ASE) Concentration The ASE concentration is in response to our Christian calls for stewardship of our planet and service to the poor. Students in this concentration will focus on the design and use of technology to address the complex issues facing our global society, such as sustainable energy systems for the U.S. and localized water treatment systems for the developing world. See the Engineering Resource Page for documents and details.

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Concentration

Mechanical engineers play a critical role in improving our society by applying the principles of physics to analyze and design a wide range of mechanical and energy systems, such as automobiles, aircraft, ships, heating and cooling systems, prosthetics, robots, household appliances, and industrial equipment and machinery. At Seattle Pacific, students in the ME concentration will engage in hands-on applications and will develop communication skills crucial for success in today’s complex global society. See the Engineering Resource Page for documents and details.