About: Distinctives and Mission

Four reasons to choose SPU’s Department of Engineering and Computer Science:

We’re hands-on. Our programs are all about putting theory into practice, through small class sizes, design-and-build projects, and internships. You’ll learn by doing, so you’ll graduate with confidence to tackle new challenges.

We’re community-oriented. Small class sizes bring you together in a supportive, close-knit environment. And your professors will always encourage the pursuit of excellence — but never at the expense of others.

We’re Christ-centered. We stress servant leadership, applying SPU’s mission statement of “engaging the culture and changing the world” to your studies. So you’ll learn how to use the best technology for the best causes, wherever you end up in the world.

We’re employer-recommended. Our Seattle location gives you a clear advantage when it’s time for internships and job placement. Placement rates into the career world are high for our graduates.

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All Engineering degree programs at SPU are ABET-accredited. For good reason, employers prefer graduates of ABET-accredited programs in science, engineering, and computing.


Why Engineering at SPU?

You can study engineering at many good universities. But at SPU, you’ll learn how to apply what you learn to serve others and make a real difference in the world.