The discipline of Apparel Design and Merchandising at Seattle Pacific University researches and disseminates knowledge of design, manufacture and distribution of clothing which serves the needs of individuals and families. The Apparel Design and Merchandising program at Seattle Pacific University encourages students to examine the knowledge base of their discipline in light of their Christian values in a Christian environment.


Located just minutes from downtown Seattle the leading urban center where many apparel companies headquartered (e.g., Nordstrom Product Group, REI, Eddie Bauer, Union Bay, and etc.), the Apparel Design and Merchandising program has strong connections with the apparel industry.

Degree Options
The Apparel Design and Merchandising program offers two specializations and one minor. The Program is committed to provide:

Clothing needs are influenced by all aspects of society and Apparel Design and Merchandising graduates must understand the social, cultural, economic, and political factors which influence clothing selection. For this reason, the Apparel Design and Merchandising specialization has a strong interdisciplinary base integrating knowledge from Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Business, History, Physics, and Chemistry. The liberal education provided by this program empowers students to think critically and to gain a sense of their intellectual and creative abilities, qualities, highly coveted by employers.

The broad academic base provided by this program allows graduates to be flexible in career choices allowing for greater opportunities in career changes or continue educational pursuits. There is considerable overlap among jobs in the industry and a broad educational base facilitates making it easy to transform career positions as opportunities and interests arise. For example, some graduates have worked as buyers for several years then accepted positions as designers or positions in product development.

The clothing and textiles industry is a dynamic field, fast paced, global in scope and complex. It is exciting working in a profession which deals with people's physical and aesthetic clothing needs and is influenced by social, cultural, political and economic developments. The Apparel Design and Merchandising program trains graduates to succeed in a wide variety of career opportunities.

Career Preparation
Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design graduates are prepared for a wide range of careers. Their knowledge and understanding of the total apparel/textile/retail complex, along with their unique insights into the consumer-driven market, makes Seattle Pacific University students highly marketable. In addition, the global perspective of the curriculum opens many national and international career opportunities. Students in all options may increase their marketability by pursuing double majors of both specializations and minors in other areas.

Career Options
Fashion Merchandising Major

     A sampling of the careers Fashion Merchandising majors may pursue      includes:

Apparel Design Major

     A sampling of the careers Apparel Design majors may pursue are:

Application to the Major

Apparel Design and Merchandising students may apply to the major after successful completion of any three Family and Consumer Sciences courses. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for admission to the major. 

Major Status Applications are due the first Friday of Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters.

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