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A minor in mathematics requires a total of 30 credits in mathematics, 15 of which need to be upper-division.  The following courses are required:

  • MAT 1234 Calculus I (5 credits)
  • MAT 1235 Calculus II (5 credits)
  • MAT 1236 Calculus III (5 credits)
  • 15 credits of upper division mathematics courses numbered 3000-4999 (15 credits*)

* A maximum of 3 credits in MAT 4904 or MAT 4930 may be applied. 

It is strongly recommended that all minors include MAT 3749 and MAT 4402.  A teaching minor must include MAT 3749, MAT 4402, and MAT 3441.

Note that many upper division mathematics courses have lower division prerequisites other than MAT 1234, 1235, and 1236.  For example, MAT 2401 Linear Algebra and MAT 2720 Discrete Mathematics are prerequisites for some upper division courses. As a result, most students will need to take more than the minimum 30 credits of mathematics courses to complete a minor in mathematics. 


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