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Ask "In the Loop": Recommended Gift Cards?

By Ruth Adams, director of Student Academic Services

Students at Dick's BurgersQuestion:

"I would like to purchase gift cards for businesses, such as fast food, pizza, chain restaurants, in the immediate vicinity of SPU campus for my incoming freshman granddaughter. Can you give me names and addresses of such businesses?"

In the Loop Recommends:

Some restaurants near SPU include:

Many students seem to love Stell's, Zeek's, and Yak's. PCC Market is a grocery store with gift cards and carries a healthy variety of produce, deli options, and grocery staples.

Domino's and Pizza Hut deliver to campus as well.

Most of the restaurants in the surrounding neighborhoods of Queen Anne (about a 7-minute bus ride, or 30-minute walk) and Fremont (about a 5-minute bus ride, or 20-minute walk) are local spots. Chain restaurants, such as the Cheesecake Factory, are in downtown Seattle (about a 20-minute bus ride).

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