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An Investment Worth the Sacrifice

President EatonWe are two-thirds of the way through this academic year — the months have flown by. The young men and women walking across campus today are not the same people that stepped onto our campus in September.

These students have a more mature Christian faith, stronger leadership skills, and expanded knowledge about the world and their chosen academic area. They have gained valuable work experience, learned to live in community, and sharpened their critical thinking and communication skills. I’m so proud of them.

Partners in Education and Vision

As parents, we often wonder about the development of our children. And during the college years it can be difficult for parents to assess what’s happening with their students. Are they learning, growing, maturing? Will they graduate with a solid set of life and vocational skills? Will they be prepared for the rigors of graduate school, employment, relationships, and more?

I’ve said many times that at SPU we view parents as partners with us in the educational process. You are trusting us to provide an outstanding education for your student — and you are trusting us to help your student catch a vision for a meaningful life. We take this trust seriously.

A Far-reaching Investment

Education is an expensive endeavor these days. We know you are making sacrifices to send your son or daughter to Seattle Pacific. And I want to assure you: You are making a fabulous investment.

A degree from SPU carries substantial weight with employers and graduate schools. Our students leave this place and go on to attend top-notch graduate programs, and attain positions in Fortune 500 companies. Of course our students also leave this place and head to some of the poorest places on the globe: Haiti, Africa, and inner-city regions across the United States.

The SPU Way

Our graduates are working as surgeons, film directors, teachers, project managers, pastors, relief workers, musicians, farmers, software engineers, and in countless other occupations. But they have one thing in common: They are working to engage the culture and change the world wherever they find themselves.

We have invited them to embrace the Christian story and to catch a vision for how they can make a difference in the world. And they are doing just that. That’s the SPU way.

Thank you for partnering with us in this critically important work. I promise you that your investment here will make a world of difference for your student — and the world.

Philip W. Eaton

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