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International Immersion

SPRINT provides a variety of international immersion trips helping participants engage in issues around community development, justice and reconciliation.

SPRINT Summer 2016 Applications
are due January 8, 2016.
  Come by Martin Square on Monday, November 30 to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and ask questions about SPRINT.


SPRINT Hot Chocolate Hang Out

Monday, November 30

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Martin Square

Applications due Jan. 8

For more information contact


Urban Plunge

Remember students participating in Urban Plunge, Dec. 10-14, an immersion experience focusing on homelessness in Seattle. 

UI Teams serving weekly

Join one of our Urban Involvement teams serving and learning weekly with 10 Seattle area site partners.

Founded in 2004, the John Perkins Center is a first of-its-kind partnership between the John Perkins Foundation of Jackson, Mississippi, Seattle Pacific University, and Christian community leaders throughout the Pacific Northwest. Learn about the John Perkins Center