The Perkins Perspective: Autumn 2008


JPC Director’s Note: Why an e-Newsletter?
This newsletter is an opportunity to link, collaborate, and draw together those of a like mind regarding reconciliation and community development.

Autumn 2008

Learning From Du Bois
When I first read W.E.B. Du Bois’ assessment of the power of racial segregation in churches, I was stunned. I was one of those whites.

Autumn 2008


Max's Two Cents

Check out this blog about reconciliation, the work of the John Perkins Center at SPU, and jump into the conversations by giving us your two cents.

Autumn 2008

The Urban Scene

ARISE 219: Helping to Equip Emerging Leaders
The John Perkins Center was recently involved in a collaboration of urban youth workers in a leadership conference with the Salvation Army and others. Autumn 2008


Incoming SPU Freshmen Go on a CityQuest
Nearly more than 800 Seattle Pacific University students served 35 community organizations during the Perkins Center’s CityQuest event. Autumn 2008


The Community as Teacher
An SPU senior described how his connection to the Perkins Center’s Urban Involvement (UI) has shaped his thinking about the future. Autumn 2008


The Power of “We”: Urban Youth Leadership Academy 2008
For some urban youth, the world is only as big as their block. This myopia leaves them without direction — paralyzing individuals and their communities. Autumn 2008

The Global Outlook

The Truth About Short-Term Missions

The phrase "short-term mission" is really an oxymoron. Actually, when you get down to it, not a whole lot about missions is “short term.” Autumn 2008

Book Review

O2: Breathing New Life Into Faith
“All this stuff about the ‘Christian story’ and the ‘Kingdom of God’ is great, but I need healing in my life.” A campus minister, I hear things like this every day. Autumn 2008