The Perkins Perspective


Perkins Perspective Autumn 2012Autumn 2012

Volume 5, Issue 1

In this issue of the Perkins Perspective, you'll read features about the meaning behind depictions of Jesus Christ as a Caucasian, where that started, and what it means.


You can also read two different takes on the book The Color of Christ, read a review of The Other Wes Moore, and discover Hoops 4 Hope -- an event that uses basketball to help end gun violence.

Video: iTunes U

John PerkinsJohn Perkins at Seattle Pacific University
Autumn 2012


Many of John Perkins' lectures to the SPU community are gathered here on iTunes U. Hear what he says about modeling reconciliation and contributing to a community's wholeness.



What Color Is Jesus?What Color Is Jesus?

Autumn 2012


"When I read W.E.B. DuBois ask what would happen if Jesus came back and was black, it changed my entire life, faith, and career. "


Exporting JesusExporting Jesus

Autumn 2012


"The idea that Jesus looks like us, ... thinks like we do, likes what we like, and offers wholesale approval of our choices has had a significant impact on Christian witness and mission."


The (Sub)Urban Scene


Bringing Hope Through HoopsBringing Hope Through Hoops
Autumn 2012

"Hoops 4 Hope raises awareness about gun violence with the help of guest speakers, an eight-team basketball tournament, ... and dance crews. ... My inspiration was personal."


The Glo(cal) Outlook

Planting Seeds in ThailandPlanting Seeds in Thailand

Autumn 2012


"We knew it was important to remember that the ministries with which we were partnering had existed before, and would continue to exist long after we were gone."



The Color of Christ: An Academic's View

Autumn 2012


The book skillfully weaves a historical account arguing that the physical representations of Jesus are inseparable from the tangled, troubled, and often tragic history of race in America.


The Color of Christ: A Layperson's View

Autumn 2012


How did the idea of Christ as white come about, and how did it come to have such power in the United States? How has it been challenged, manipulated, and transformed throughout America’s history? And why ...?


The Other Wes Moore

Autumn 2012


At Jessup Correctional Institution, two men rise from a table following visiting hours. Both of them are named Wes Moore, yet their situations could not be more different.


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