Student Leaders: CityQuest

2010 CityQuest Partners

Find your CityQuest project site in the list below! Transfer and Running Start students don't have a USEM professor, but we've grouped you as "Transfers" and "Running Start" below.

USEM Professor CityQuest Site
Anderson Friends of Lincoln Park
Bolding Urban Impact
Castelo Magnuson Park
Craft Quest Church
Diekema Magnuson Park
Ferrer Friends of Interlaken/Boren Park
Franz El Centro de la Raza
Gulberg Cheasty Greenspace at Mt View
Hartnett Empowering Youth and Families Outreach
Holsinger Food Lifeline
Hudson Neighborhood House
Jabs First Covenant Church
Johnson Friends of Interlaken/Boren Park
Kato Operation Nightwatch
Killingsworth Men's Shelter: Union Gospel Mission
Koskela Columbia Lutheran Home
LaBrie Cheasty Greenspace at Mt View
Learned Beacon Alliance of Neighbors
Lindberg Nature Consortium
MacDonald Nature Consortium
Miller Friends of the Burke Gilman Trail
Monroe Hope Place: Union Gospel Mission
Neuhouser Food Lifeline
Plett St. Mark's Greenbelt
Pope Beacon Alliance of Neighbors
Prins Nature Consortium
Rendleman Burke Gilman Sand Point
Scott Meadowbrook Community CARE
Scranton Taproot Theatre Company
Seeley Solid Ground Lettuce Link
Stiling Friends of the Burke Gilman Trail
Thorpe Fremont Abbey Arts Center
Tindall Cheasty Greenspace at Mt View
Transfers Friends of Hicks Lake
Transfers and Running Start Friends of Lewis Park
Trzyna CoffeeTalk
Vogt Burke Gilman Sand Point
Wood World Concern

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