SPRINT: Ways You Can Help

Without ever leaving home, you can help SPRINT teams, or a specific SPRINT student, in several ways — and long before the teams leave for their destinations. Here's how:


Make a Donation

Support a specific SPRINT student or trip through the Donations page! Follow the easy steps to make your tax-deductible donation today.

Hire a SPRINTer!

Tackle that Spring Cleaning project and support SPRINT missions at the same time! Hire SPRINT students for cleaning, yard projects, etc. $10 per student per hour.

For more information, contact Daniel Lee: leed13@spu.edu

The wonderful work on my yard showcased just how exceptional SPU students are. The fact that they did this (in my mind, mini-mission trip) to fund another mission trip speaks volumes about their dedication to service, and I am forever indebted to your program for today’s work. Thank you so much!!
~ SPRINT Workshare donor


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