Welcome to the School of Psychology, Family, and Community (SPFC). Our baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral programs are designed to meet the exacting standards of our professional guilds; and they bring vital expressions of Christian faith to rigorous training, substantive research, and effective practice of psychological and therapeutic disciplines. In addition to comprehensive academic curricula, SPFC also sponsors a variety of clinical training, consulting and service programs - both on and off campus. These sites serve the diverse and vibrant communities of the Puget Sound region, while also providing our students with a broad range of valuable professional experiences.

My SPFC faculty colleagues and I are committed teachers and mentors. We seek students who are excited to learn and prepared to work hard. We seek students who intend to make a difference in the world. We believe there has never been a more exciting time to enter the many fields of psychology or marriage and family therapy. We invite you to consider the value of a SPFC undergraduate or graduate degree as a personal and professional foundation.

—Mícheál D. Roe, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Dean, School of Psychology, Family, and Community