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Industrial-Organizational Psychology ​

Ask yourself:

  • What difference does leadership make?
  • Can we find and develop leaders who lead strong and stay connected?
  • How do we build organizations that challenge and support people?
  • Does our faith matter at work? How does it affect our identity?
Joey Collins lecturing to a class

Research is foundational

Finding answers to important work-related questions requires research. It’s the foundation for deciding how we prioritize, organize, and lead. Research also enables us to evaluate the impact of our decisions.

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Our focus

Seattle Pacific University’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology department equips you with the best research and applied training available, preparing you to be a scholar-leader fully committed to changing the world of work … one meaningful conversation at a time.

The big picture

Graduates of SPU’s Industrial-Organizational Psychology program will become:

  • Scholars with the tools, theoretical knowledge, and analytical skills needed to launch academic or consulting careers.
  • Practitioners who apply knowledge and skills to manage change, use scientific methodologies, and improve organizations.
  • Leaders who motivate and build teams, develop future leaders, and guide organizations.


Faith integration

Our program is built on a Christian faith perspective, and we welcome students from different faiths. We believe knowing who you are and what you believe is critical as an I-O psychologist, since you’ll inevitably bring those perspectives to the workplace.

While the program consistently integrates faith and worldview, two courses take a more specific focus:

  • Master’s degree students complete one 4-credit faith integration course (ORG 6001).
  • Doctoral degree students complete two 4-credit faith integration courses (ORG 7001 and 7002).

Next steps

Learn more at our prospective student page or current student page. Or contact the program coordinator at 206-281-2312 or iopsych@spu.edu.


Welcome to I-O Psychology

We are committed to helping you become a scholar-leader and an instrument of change through research, character development, and practice.

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Robert B. McKenna

Changing the World of Work

Chair and Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology Rob McKenna explains why this program is so important today.

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