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Jason Chivers

My 2 Cents' Worth: Leave Your Mark

Jason Chivers“I want you to take a look at my life and see the struggles that I am going through, learn from my mistakes, and leave your mark on this world.” When I was 11, my father spoke those words to me in the back seat of our car. Although I didn’t know it at the time, these words would change the way I view my life. He set me on a path to find my purpose and leave my mark.

Enrolling at Seattle Pacific University was a leap of faith; I was frightened to leave my family and friends in Los Angeles. I prayed, and God let me know Seattle Pacific was his place for me, even though I didn’t feel completely comfortable in the beginning.

Through involvement with clubs and community service, I began to see that our mission statement — “engaging the culture, changing the world” — was not just a cliché tagline, but a real call to a higher standard of living that is displayed daily throughout campus.

God began using these experiences to mature my faith, and I discovered that I can have a positive impact on people I meet. I especially found this out as a captain on the basketball team. One teammate told me he looked up to me and respected me for living out a godly lifestyle. He started attending church with me on a regular basis, and turned his life around. As I neared the completion of my senior year, I reflected on my late father’s words, and I could clearly see what he meant by “leave your mark.”

Through my current role in admissions, I continue to make my father proud by building relationships with students, and helping to guide them through the process of entering college. I love what I do!

Jason Chivers
Admissions Counselor
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