Planning an on-campus meeting, lecture, dinner, or conference? Conference Services is here to make your planning go as smoothly as possible.

During the school year (mid-September through mid-June), meeting spaces are available for day, evening, or weekend use. Summer availability expands to include multiday events.

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Step 1

Go to EMS Roomfinder to check for availability of your event

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Step 2

Once you see your room is available, book your room in Roomfinder

  • Depending on the space that you are requesting, additional approvals may be requested (President's Dining Room, Athletic Spaces, Music Spaces, SUB.)

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Step 3

You will receive a confirmation email from Conference Services that your request was approved or denied

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Step 4

Once your space is approved, complete the Building Checklist for facilities. If your event is in Upper Gwinn, contact Conference Services.

For any work requests you may have, submit them here.

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Step 5

Send room layouts to Facilities, if in Upper Gwinn, send room layout to Conference Services.

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Step 6

If bringing a group of 10+ people go to room finder. If catering is needed contact catering at

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Step 7

Confirm your room setup 1 week before the event.

Main Events vs. Other Events

SPU events are defined by two categories — “Main Events” and “Other Events”. They are co-curricular, educational, and social programs that enhance and promote the University’s academic and community environment. Main events are given priority during the autumn, winter, and spring academic quarters.

Main events are reoccurring events that support the broader SPU mission, as determined by the President’s Cabinet.

  • Examples: Homecoming, Group, Faculty Dinner, Board of Trustees meetings.

Other events are those that fit into the broader description of SPU events; they are primarily designed for, and attended by, SPU students, faculty, staff, and their guests; and/or, they are primarily funded by SPU dollars.

  • These events are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis after SPU main events are scheduled.

Policies for Internal Events:

  • You may place up to three holds for a single event.
  • Holds expire 90 days from the date they are placed or 30 days before the proposed event date, whichever comes first.
  • If you place a hold within 30 days of your event, your hold will expire three days from the date it is placed.
    • Please confirm your event date and release your holds as soon as possible so we can maximize usage of Upper Gwinn.
  • You may change your confirmed event date at any time, up to one week before your event, without penalty, as long as your new date is also available.
  • You may cancel a confirmed event in Upper Gwinn up to 30 days before the event without penalty. Any event cancelled within 30 days will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

Internal or external?

A student presents at the 2022 Social Venture Plan competition in Upper Gwinn Commons

Internal events

An event is internal if: the event is primarily for SPU students, staff, or faculty; and if an SPU department will be paying for the event via an interdepartmental (ID) charge without being reimbursed by an outside organization.

A conference meeting in Upper Gwinn Commons

External events

An event is external if the primary audience for the event is not SPU students, staff, or faulty; and if a non-SPU organization will be paying for the event via check or charge (even if an SPU faculty or staff is a member of the organization). If an SPU department is sponsoring the event by paying for some or all of the fees, but an external organization is planning and executing the event, it is still considered external.