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Web Feature

Response Magazine: Our Reader Survey

We asked you to tell us a bit about your reading habits when it comes to Response magazine.

Here’s a few of the things we learned about our readers:

68 percent of you said Response is your No. 1 source of information about Seattle Pacific University.

90 percent of you rated Response as “excellent” or “good” in the categories of subject matter, writing, and design.

64 percent of you read “all” or “most” of Response; 34 percent read “some” of Response.

79 percent of you keep your copy of Response for more than a week; only 10 percent of you discard the magazine immediately after reading.

The top five general-interest topics you want to read about are:
1. The Bible & Theology
2. Arts & Culture
3. Global & International Issues
4. National Issues
5. Education

The top five SPU-specific topics you want to read about are:
1. Alumni Profiles & Careers
2. Faculty Profiles & Research
3. University Events
4. Student Profiles & Activities
5. SPU History

Ten suggestions you offered for how to improve Response:

Ten things you told us about what you like most in Response:

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