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Lectio Goes Global

Lectio: Guided Bible Reading is on the move, with readers to date in 52 countries. During an extended visit to Seattle last summer, Nazli Rizk of Cairo, Egypt, joined a campus Lectio group. On her return to Cairo, she continued following Lectio with the group remotely — at noon Seattle time, 9 p.m. Cairo time.

Lacey Stovall '97 uses Lectio to stay in touch with a group of local friends who moved to Costa Rica, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, and the Philippines. "We share re!ections and prayer requests weekly via email," she reports.

"I need you. Don't quit!" writes Heidi Klammer in rural Union, Oregon. She reads the Lectio every week on her own, and plans to use it as a Bible study she will lead in her church soon.

Dean Matro writes, "Aloha from Hawaii! Lectio is a great resource for understanding God's word in a deeper way. I'm looking forward to another year."