Poems Heard Around the World

In the last few months, three poems written by Professor of English Jennifer Maier have been read on the nationally syndicated radio program “The Writer's Almanac" with Garrison Keillor. The show is produced by American Public Media and heard on NPR affiliate radio stations. The poems featured were “Meditation from 14A" (February 13); "Live Oaks, New Orleans" (February 24); and "Post Hoc" (March 3), from Maier’s book Dark Alphabet.

Maier says," I can't explain why these three were aired in such close succession. A friend speculates that maybe he found the book under his bed or something. Two of the three broadcasts were a surprise to me, since the show's producers need permission from the press and tend to notify authors only as a courtesy. The best part has been hearing from strangers who happened to hear the show and took time to write and tell me they liked the poem (often before I was aware it had even aired). I've received emails from more than 100 people in all walks of life – among them, a Buddhist monk, a Harvard law professor, a long-haul trucker in Oklahoma City, a self-described soccer mom from St. Paul, and an 'old lady' in Boston. It's amazing to think that people actually take the time to write, and it's so heartening to know something one's written alone at the kitchen table has found its way into the ear of a thoughtful stranger far away and in the future."

Listen to Garrison Keillor read Maier’s poems on “The Writer's Almanac" website

Posted: Monday, April 09, 2012