Meet the Chair

We live in exciting times! As the world becomes more interconnected it becomes increasingly important to understand others — their languages, cultures, and worldviews. The Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics (LCL) Department offers programs and classes that are your passport to global citizenship.

I am Co-Chair of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics along with Dr. Susan Van Zanten. 

For our majors, we offer an excellent education in Classics and Linguistics, along with modern languages of French, Spanish, and Russian. We also offer Mandarin Chinese, which can contribute to an Asian Studies major.

For students who are majoring in another discipline at SPU, we provide language and cultural skills that will allow you to see the world with a new perspective and help you thrive in your career of choice. Language study can serve you well whether you are a business, pre-med, art, theology, psychology, or history major — and many more! We serve a large number of students who pursue LCL classes toward a minor in foreign language, classics, or linguistics, and an even larger number who pursue language study for its own sake.

We would love to partner with you as you pursue your degree at SPU. Whether you are an LCL major, or pursuing a major in another program, the LCL department has something to offer you!

Owen Ewald
Co-Chair of the Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics Department

Department Co-Chair

Co-Chair Susan Van Zanten is assisting the LCL department this year.

Denise Daniels

Why I Teach at SPU

Denise Daniels, Professor of Management

"There is nothing more inspiring than seeing students better understand themselves and the world through the application of course material to their lives. I love hearing from students – sometimes years later – who tell me how concepts from my classes have changed their personal study habits, or their relationships with friends and family, or their careers. We have a particularly rich opportunity here at SPU to examine how God’s purposes for business can change the world."