Castelo's Essays Published

Daniel Castelo Associate Professor of Theology Daniel Castelo recently had two essays published. His chapter "Reclaiming the Future: The Challenge of Moltmann's Eschatology" in Jürgen Moltmann and Evangelical Theology: A Critical Engagement (Sung Wook Chung, editor; Eugene; Pickwick, 2012), 197–214, analyzes appreciatively and critically the end-times theology of Moltmann, a past SPU Day of Common Learning speaker. Also, Daniel authored "Toward Pentecostal Prolemomena II: A Rejoinder to Andrew Gabriel" in the Journal of Pentecostal Theology 21 (2012): 168–80, which was a response to an article by Gabriel from last year titled "Pentecostals and Divine Impassibility: A Response to Daniel Castelo," also in the Journal of Pentecostal Theology 20 (2011): 184–90. In the rejoinder, Daniel offers his most developed critique yet of the "classical theism" category used by many theologians in their God-talk.

Castelo is the author of The Apathetic God: Exploring the Contemporary Relevance of Divine Impassibility (Paternoster/Wipf and Stock, 2009) and the forthcoming Theodicy: A Theological Introduction.

Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012