University Foundations

Most Seattle Pacific University undergraduate students follow the same general education curriculum to complete their undergraduate degrees. Among these requirements are University Foundations courses, which are part of Seattle Pacific’s Common Curriculum.

The Foundations courses include three consecutive courses centered in the foundations of Christian faith:

  • "Christian Faith," which explores the lived experience of faith as expressed in formation, vocation, and reconciliation.
  • "Christian Scripture," which provides a way of conceptualizing, reading, and practicing the truth of Scripture as the authority for Christian formation.
  • "Christian Theology," which reflects upon the relationship between God and humankind as expressed in the Scriptures and experienced in a life of faith.

Not only do these courses introduce students to the biblical heritage and to the distinctive doctrines and practices of various strands within the historic Christian tradition, but they also represent ways in which the School of Theology serves all students at SPU.

As you confront these perennial human questions, you are challenged to understand yourself, your heritage and traditions, and the world from the perspective of the Christian faith.

University Foundations course descriptions


Can a Rock Band
Change the World?

Professor Jeff Keuss says U2 is trying to do just that. "They prefer to compete in the public marketplace, not preach to the choir."

Professor Rob Wall

School of Theology Faculty Videos

Visit the University Foundations (UFND) Video Playlist for videos by School of Theology faculty on such topics as the Apostolic Letters, the Former Prophets, the Torah, Revelation, the Gospels, and more.