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European Studies/Linguistics

Contact person: Kathryn Bartholomew
(206) 281-3533


Linguistics reflects on the nature of language itself and on human beings as creators and users of language. Students of linguistics generally prepare themselves to enter professional fields as translators, literacy specialists, teachers of English as a second language, foreign language specialists, or elementary and secondary school teachers. Studies focus on the systems of language- sound, meaning, and phrase and sentence structure, both in the present and through time.

Requirements for the Linguistics Minor
  • LIN 2100 Foundations of Language Study (3 credits)
  • LIN 4145 Phonology (3 credits)
  • LIN 4150 Morphology (3 credits)
  • LIN 4400 Comparative Syntax (3 credits)
  • LIN 4410 Syntax (3 credits)

Select 15 credits from the following courses:

  • LIN 4365 Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching (3 credits)
  • LIN 4450 Pragmatics and Semantics (5 credits)
  • LIN 4601* History of English (3 credits)
  • LIN 4920 Directed Readings (1 - 10 credits)
  • EdRd3529 Child Language Acquisition (3 credits)
  • PSY 4415 Cognitive Psychology (5 credits)

Total:      30 credits; 15 upper-division

*LIN 4601 (History of English ) is strongly recommended for English majors.

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