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Library Resources
Scholarship and Grant Directories are available on-campus in the library and in public libraries. The following are some suggested resources. The SPU Library owns:

Athletic Scholarships: A Complete Guide. Cleveland OH: Conway Greene, c 1994. Ref LB 2338.A84 non-circulating/non-request

Bauer, David G. The Complete Grants Source Book for Higher Education. Phoenix, AZ: American Council on Education and The Oryx Press, c 1996. Ref LB 2336.B38 non-circulating/non-request

Cassidy, Daniel J. The International Scholarship Book: the Complete Guide to Financial Aide for Study Abroad. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, c 1990. Ref LB 2337.2.C364 non-circulating/non-request

The College Costs and Financial Aid Handbook. New York: College Entrance Examination Board, c 1996, 1997. Ref LB 2342.C633 non-circulating/non-request

Schlachter, Gail. College Student's Guide to Merit and other No-Need Funding. Reference Services Press c 1996, 1997. Ref LB 2337.2.C64 non-circulating/non-request

Directory of Research Grants. Phoenix AZ: Oryx Press, c 1996. Ref LB 2338.D57 non-circulating/non-request

Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad. San Carlos: CA Reference Service Press c 1990,1992. Ref LB 2337.2.F55 non-circulating/non-request Ref LB 2337.3.F572 non-circulating/non-request

Hall, Victoria. Foundation Grant to Individuals. New York: The Fountain Center c 1995. Ref LB 2336.F599 non-circulating/non-request

Hamel, April Vahle. The Graduate School Funding Handbook. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, c 1994 Ref LB 2371.4.H36 non-circulating/non-request

The Grants Register. St. Martins Pres Inc. c 1999. Ref LB 2338.G7 non-circulating/non-request

Schlachter, Gail. How to Find Out About Financial Aid: a Guide to Over 700 Directories Listing Scholarships, Fellowships, Loans, Grants, Awards, and Internships. C 1987 Ref Z 5814.S35 S35 non-circulating/non-request

Keeslar, Oreon. Financial Aids for Higher Education. Dubuque, Iowa: Wm. C. Brown, c 1991. Ref LB 2338.K39 non-circulating/non-request

Berry, Lemuel. Minority Financial Aid Directory. Iowa: Kendall/Hunt, c 1995. Ref LB 2337.2.B47 non-circulating/non-request

Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide. Seattle, WA: College Planning Network, c 1993. Ref LB 2338.P33 non-circulating/non-request

Peterson's College Money Handbook: Costs and Financial Aid. Princeton, NJ: c 1998 Ref LB 2337.2.C65 non-circulating/non-request

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans. Feingold and Feingold, c 1998, 1999. Ref LB 2338.S35 non-circulating/non-request

Schlachter, Gail A. Directory of Financial Aide for Women. Santa Barbara CA: References Services Press, c 1999-2001 Ref LB 2338.D564 non-circulating/non-request

Schlachter, Gail A., R. David Weber. Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families. Santa Barbara CA: References Services Press c 1996, 1998. Ref LB 2337.2.F58 non-circulating/non-request

Study Abroad (Paris, France). Estudios en el extranjero. (Pairs): Unseco, c 1996, 1997. Ref LB 2338.S86 non-circulating/non-request

Last Updated: 8/2/2010