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Student Financial Services

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SFS sends general and personal invitations to students to apply for additional scholarships throughout the year. Check your SPU email account often for scholarship information, and visit Grants and Scholarships.

Institutional and private scholarships administered by the University need not be repaid. These are awarded to undergraduate students in recognition of demonstrated excellence in academics, talent, and/or performance.

Awards made to SPU students by agencies and organizations not affiliated with SPU (outside scholarships) are divided equally over three quarters of enrollment, unless the donor instructs otherwise. SPU does not control when funds are received from the donor. Therefore, if a scholarship does not appear on the studentís first bill, the student should check with the donor to determine when the funds will be sent.

Outside scholarships received after an Offer of Financial Assistance is determined may affect the amount of financial aid you have been awarded. If revision of your Offer of Financial Assistance is necessary, the self-help (loans + work) portion of your aid will be reduced first. So that we can ensure your Autumn Quarter bill is accurate, submit your outside scholarship documentation to SFS by August 21.

Last Updated: 6/25/2015