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Your Memories of Alexander Hall

Group in front of Alexander

Student studying in front of Alexander

Seattle Pacific University’s Alexander Hall has personal significance for many people.

For today’s students and faculty, it is the home of academic programs in theology and the social sciences.

For alumni, it is their former residence hall, the place where they learned from faculty mentors, or the home of Alexander Chapel.

For Seattle residents, Alexander Hall is the iconic structure they associate with SPU’s campus.

For the larger Pacific Northwest community, the building is a regional historic treasure.

Room With a View

“My room was on the third floor in the far corner toward McKinley auditorium. The room contained a bunk bed, a couple of small desks, and a hot plate — used a lot, and probably illegally. At that time, the Music Building was between Alexander and McKinley, and when Betty Jo and I began dating, we would signal with one another that it was time for a coffee break and meet at the place across the street.”

Don MacPhee ’50

Faculty Role Models

“The SPU faculty encouraged and taught me to think; they were models for me of Christians with sharp minds and generous hearts. It was Frank Spina who told me that the church needed good women theologians and that I should go to Yale Divinity School to study Old Testament. Eventually I was called to ordained ministry, but it was a call I never would have heard had it not been for the hours spent in Alexander Hall and the encouragement I received from faculty members who also became my friends.” 

Elizabeth “Betsy” Zarelli Turner ’76

My Favorite Place on Campus

“When I was in my junior year, I would go to the beautiful, tiny chapel to pray and to rest. I was volunteering with Young Life for 20 hours a week, working part time and taking 15 units and longed to be in a place where I could be quiet, think and pray. On more than one occasion I would ‘rest in the Lord’ and wake up several minutes later feeling refreshed and ready to go! To this day, it's my favorite place on campus.”

Erica Murray Wright ’96

Queen Anne's Oldest Building

“Alexander Hall may, indeed, be the oldest building in all of Queen Anne. It certainly is among the oldest surviving masonry load-bearing buildings in town. … We are delighted its preservation is assured and trust the university’s other historic buildings will receive similar care.”

Michael Herschensohn, President of the Queen Anne Historical Society

Talking Bricks

“If only the bricks of Alexander Hall could talk! They would say that there has been a wonderful melding of faculty and students in the building: from Political Science and Geography to Theology, Sociology, and History. I think those walls must have soaked up some exciting conversations about what Christians can do in the world to be agents of change and God’s grace. To me, Alexander has been the very heart of SPU and when I look at it, I don’t see just a building: I see a launching pad.”

Kathleen Braden, Professor of Geography

Professor Wall’s Office

Rob Wall’s office was stacked with papers, books, projects, and who knows what else. (It probably still is!) The first time I sat there, some early morning while taking “New Testament,” I felt overwhelmed but strangely comforted. And so began a long relationship that transformed myriad dimensions of my life.”

Brent Plate ’90

More Than a Dorm Mom

“I came to SPC as a freshman in 1961, and Alexander Hall was a Freshman Girls' Dorm at that time. My room was on the 4th floor at the top of the stairs with a most magnificent view of Seattle through the six windows. It was a very welcoming room. But what made that year most precious to me was Marie Hollowell, dorm mom, who literally became mom to me that year as my mom had just passed away before I came to college. It will always remain a very special place to me.”

Darlene Backlund ’61