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Quote of the Week:     Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Sir Winston Churchill British politician (1874 - 1965)

Monday, May 29, 2006
 Volume # 388,  Issue # 60
 Published by Student Life
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Scholarship Opportunities
   Soroptimist Scholarship
   Dale E. Fridell Scholarship
   The NW Next Young Leaders Scholarship

Campus Related Events
   Interior Design and Clothing and Textiles Portfolio Show
   AIDS Awareness Art Project Unveiling

Internships, Jobs & Classifieds
   Leadership positions available


Soroptimist Scholarship
Deadline THIS week: Soroptimist Scholarship This scholarship has been established by the Soroptimist Club of Seattle and is awarded periodically to a person from the Seattle community who is committed to attaining a higher education. This scholarship is awarded based upon demonstrated need. Applicants can be a person attending or planning to attend a college or university, be married, single, with or without dependents. Applicant must be accepted into their specified program of study. Applicant can be working towards a BS, BA, Masters, or Doctorate degree. Applications can be found in the SFS office and are due by June 1st. If you have any questions please contact Whitney Kruse at krusew@spu.edu.

Dale E. Fridell Scholarship
This is a $1,000 scholarship open to anyone currently attending or aspiring to attend a college or university in the 2006-2007 academic year. All you have to do is visit this website http://www.straightforwardmedia.com/fridell/index.php and answer these two questions: 1. Why is the completion of a postsecondary program important to you, and what do you hope to achieve once you get a degree? 2. How will a StraightForward Media Dale E. Fridell Scholarship help you meet your educational and professional goals? This scholarship is offered 4 times a year! The next deadline is July 14th. All information regarding this scholarship can be found on their website

The NW Next Young Leaders Scholarship
There are 2 scholarships available to eligible students entering into their junior or senior year at a four year accredited institution in Western Washington. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required as well as demonstrating civic or community leadership skills. More information about The Northwest Next Leaders Council can be found at www.nwnext.org. Applications can be found in the SFS office located in lower Demaray. Applications are due by July 1st. If you have questions please contact Whitney Kruse at krusew@spu.edu.

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Interior Design and Clothing and Textiles Portfolio Show
Announcing, the FCS annual Senior Portfolio Show!! Come and see the talented work of this year's Interior Design and Clothing and Textiles graduates.

AIDS Awareness Art Project Unveiling
Come and commemorate the reVISION project with the artists who participated and join in the Unveiling ceremony of our finished AIDS awareness tile mosaic! This exciting unveiling will happen on Tuesday May 30 at 7:30 pm at the Fine Center. We'll have delicious desserts from Essential Baking Co., local favorite Jubilee will perform, and hear the experiences of a few special stories that took place through the reVISION project. This event is free and open to the public, please join us! Sponsored by ASSP and Acting on AIDS.

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Leadership positions available
Are you looking for new leadership opportunity? Do you like to work with people? Do you like to know what is going on around campus? Then you should apply to be on SUB Staff! The 1st Floor SUB is looking for a few good people to be part of the new Uni-Com/Collegium staff. The SUB Staff will be responsible for customer service in both Uni-Com and the Collegium as well as Collegium programming. Applications are available at Uni-Com and due June 2.

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