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    ASSP eNewsletter5/28/2008
    ASSP eNewsletter4/7/2008
    ASSP eNewsletter3/5/2008
    ASSP eNewsletter2/1/2008
    ASSP eNewsletter11/1/2007
    ASSP eNewsletter10/4/2007
    ASSP eNewsletter5/26/2005
    ASSP eNewsletter2/12/2005
    ASSP eNewsletter1/23/2005
    ASSP eNewsletter11/20/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter10/29/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter10/23/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter9/27/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter5/24/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter4/29/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter4/7/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter3/9/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter2/26/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter2/5/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter1/21/2004
    ASSP eNewsletter12/4/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter11/12/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter10/23/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter5/21/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter4/23/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter4/17/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter4/3/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter3/12/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter2/19/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter1/29/2003
    ASSP eNewsletter1/8/2003

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