Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

You are not alone! We work with many students facing a variety of personal issues.

We continue to provide individual therapy through both Telehealth and In-Person, based on student need and preference. Please contact us directly at 206-281-2657 x0 to see which might be a good option for you.

Short-term individual counseling helps you gain a better understanding of any concerns and difficulties. These insights are then translated into plans for action that you can carry out in your daily life. For issues that would be better resolved through a longer-term individual approach, an appropriate referral to a community provider may be recommended.

Students present with a variety of concerns: adjustment to college, anxiety, depression, issues of past or present abuse, addictions, relationship issues, feelings of inadequacy, perfectionism, past or recent losses or trauma, body image and eating concerns, or crisis situations such as feeling suicidal.

Access the Patient Portal to schedule your initial consultation today.

The initial consultation

We will discuss your concerns and review areas of your life and which method(s) of counseling may be best for you. You might
then participate in one-on-one counseling at the SCC, be referred to one of our SCC groups, or referred to community services.

Single session therapy

This is a solution-focused, onetime session approach to work through a specific issue or concern

Short-term counseling

In order to serve the entire SPU undergraduate community, the SCC offers short-term counseling, which is typically more goal-oriented than long-term therapy and tends to focus on specific challenges that are causing people the greatest amount of adversity at the time.

Long-term counseling

In order to serve the entire SPU undergraduate community, the SCC is unable to provide long-term therapy at this time. We are, however, able to refer you to the community and find the best resources to fit your needs.