Is everything I tell a counselor confidential?

In a word, yes. Consistent with our ethical standards and state law, we release no client information without your written consent. That means we will not tell anyone — including friends, parents, or professors — the content of your session, or even that you are involved in therapy.

Several exceptions are required by law. In this state, we are required to break confidentiality:

  • If we believe a client is at high risk for suicide or
  • If we hear a direct, specific homicidal threat from a client to another person.

We must also report abuse or neglect of a child, dependent adult, or developmentally disabled person if we believe such an incident has occurred.

We will explain these exceptions to all potential clients before treatment, in our written consent form. And in most cases, we will also discuss the situation with a client before making any disclosure.

For additional information, contact the Director of the Student Counseling Center. You may also review the SCC Center Policies.