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Vision Statement
To engage, challenge, and nurture faculty in appropriate uses of educational technologies so they can prepare students for leadership in an information society.

The ITS Showcase
Each month we highlight an example of how technology is being used for teaching and learning at Seattle Pacific University.  This month we highlight our work with Geri Mason, Assistant Professor, Business and Economics.

Poll Everywhere
video on Poll EverywhereClick image above for workshop video

Professor Geri Mason taught back-to-back courses in different buildings during Spring 2011 and wanted to make sure her second class started productively as she scurried from one location to the other. Her solution, begin each class with an open-ended question projected to the class and a phone number for texting answers.  Within the first five minutes of class, Professor Mason had feedback from all fifty students and students could see other students' answers scrolling down the screen.  Professor Mason could then ask students to get into groups to discuss their answers with others.  Within 15 minutes of the class starting, she had students identifying key issues that she would teach about in her lecture.  Instructional Technology Director David Wicks worked with Geri on this project by recommending that she use PollEverywhere.com rather than clickers to engage the students.  Most students already have cell phones, and so they didn't have to buy or borrow clickers to participate.  Poll Everywhere saves answers which can be analyzed later.  Geri identified a number of great uses for this tool which she shares in this workshop

Geri Mason, Assistant Professor, Economics

Photo of Geri Mason

“Using Poll Everywhere was (is) win-win: the efficiency gains to me would have been enough, but the students loved it and it made our time together so much more engaging..”



To watch a video that introduces our team and provides details of our services, please see the 'about ITS' page.

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