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The Bible & Theology Toward Christian Maturity

Lectio: Read the Bible With Us


What if you could explore the Scriptures with your own personal guide? And what if this guide was both an outstanding biblical scholar and someone with a deeply personal Christian faith? That's what Seattle Pacific University's new Lectio: Guided Bible Reading offers you.

On September 27, the Center for Biblical and Theological Education at SPU launched this free, four-year online Scripture-reading program, open to all who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Autumn Quarter's inaugural Lectio features weekly reflections on Genesis–Exodus 19 by Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Theology Frank Spina, along with the option of "going deeper" in your study of each week's Scripture passage through links to other commentaries and resources.

To participate in Lectio along with students, faculty, staff, churches, community Bible study groups, and others around the world, visit

In conjunction with Lectio, Response will include essays on the biblical text written by Lectio faculty guides and other School of Theology faculty. Frank Spina, professor of Old Testament and biblical theology, begins the series with an introduction to the Old Testament.