Sigma Beta Delta

Seattle Pacific University


1995 - 1999


Sigma Beta Delta

at the Seattle Pacific University
School of Business, Government, and Economics

International Honor Society for Business,
Management, and Administration

Sigma Beta Delta is an honor society for students of business, management or administration who are pursuing baccalaureate or graduate degrees. To be eligible for lifetime membership and national recognition, a student must rank in the upper 20 percent of the class. Sigma Beta Delta was founded as a national organization in 1994 under the auspices of Beta Gamma Sigma.

With the achievement of AACSB accreditation in 2000, the business school at Seattle Pacific University qualified to charter a chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the parent honor society of Sigma Beta Delta, founded in 1913.  The charter class of the SPU chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma was inducted on May 18, 2000.

The principles of the Society include wisdom, honor, and the pursuit of meaningful aspirations. The Society recognizes these three qualities as being important for success in the academic realm as well as providing guidelines which will lead to a fulfilling personal and professional life and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.

Undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Business and Economics are selected as candidates for induction into Sigma Beta Delta each Winter quarter. The formal induction ceremony is held during Spring term. SBE faculty members are also inducted as chapter members and are responsible for management of the local chapter.

SPU Chapter Officers

Dr. Dan W. Hess
Vice President
Dr. Gary L. Karns
Dr. Richard L. Sleight

1996 SBD Inductees

1997 SBD Inductees

1998 SBD Inductees

1999 SBD Inductees 

Charter Member Induction
March 7, 1995

Linda F. Adams, Shannon M. Anderson, Eric T. Best,
Brenda Burleson, Huei Chiang, Walter R. Cook, Wesley B. Cooper,
Paul Gettmann, Jennifer L. Hill, Michael J. Krohn, Shelly B. Little,
Christine L. Salmon, Amber L. Warthen

Steven W. Anderson, Janice Brookshier, Douglas Yillik Downer,
Richard D. Fairfield, Deryl A. Kispert, Steven E. Marshall,
Sheila K. Rogers, Panyada Ruengskul, Barbara J. Simpson,
Christopher K. Taylor, Stewart J. VanderLeest, Sandra Zeilstra

Jonathan C. Deming, Margaret A.D. Diddams, Randal S. Franz,
Philip M. Glassey*, Dan W. Hess*, Alexander D. Hill, Gary L. Karns*,
Herbert E. Kierulff, Kenneth E. Knight*, Howard E. Mount, Cyrus P. Olsen,
James F. Rand, Regina P. Schlee, Richard L. Sleight, Gerhard H. Steinke,
Ian Charles Stewart*, Ross E. Stewart, Lisa Klein Surdyk*

* Inducted into Sigma Beta Delta membership at SPU Chapter Installation on February 15, 1995.

Member Induction
April 9, 1996

Allyson L. Anderson, Holly G. Beck, Kenneth L. Bradford, Jennifer R. Bridgman,
Ta Chien Chang, Tena Kay Cinnamon, Nathan J. Hartman, Jennifer L. Holland,
Sonya I. Huntzinger, Julie B. Koskela, Brandon J. Lohse, Trevor G. Martin,
Kristin M. Nelson, Jeremy M. Piger, Claudia A. Shannon, Regina C. Shimomura,
Melanie A. Stum, Joshua W. Underhill, Eric D. Van Andel,
Gretchen E. Vaughan, Ryan W. Wiens

Amanda Close, Joanne Forbes, Leah Gutmann, Nancy Haan, Frank Liquin,
Nate Luce, Stephen Minney, Lynn Norton, Valerie OLeary,
Diane Rogers, Marlene Rose, Scott Smith, John Vair

Douglas A. Downing and Loren T. Gustafson

Also inducted, Seattle Pacific University President Dr. Philip W. Eaton (Honorary) 

Member Induction
April 15, 1997

Paul Assink, Jina Cerana, Kristi Crawford, Jon Gardiner,
Ryan Gavin, Steven Johnston, Avigail Lyons,
Todd Manning, Melanie Nolte, Brandi Probstfield,
Paul Sale, Kory Smith, Hazel Wang, Paul Wilcox

Scott Bryant, Daneen Calvin, Patricia Cumming,
Timothy Downs, James Grant, James Harrington, Benita Nelson
Marcia Nielsen, Anne Olsen, Deidre Weber, Helvi Winter

Denise Daniels

Also inducted, Jeffrey B. Van Duzer, Partner, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (Honorary) 

Member Induction
April 14, 1998

Stephanie Andrews, Katie Ayres, Heather Biles,
Casey Corrigan, Daniel Deering, Todd Garrettson, 
Findley Gillespie, Brady Howden, Meika Johnson, 
Jimmy Kim, Mike Milojevich, Anna Richards, 
Andrew Stemp, Scott Swanson, Timothy Viers, Joshua Westlund

Christi Cantu, Thomas Foege, Leah Grant,
Christopher Isenberg, Steven Lemons

Kenman L. Wong

Also inducted, Dr. Bruce Murphy, Provost, Seattle Pacific University (Honorary)

Member Induction
April 22, 1999

Rachel D. Anderson, Shannon M. Benbow, Rebekah Bridges,
Yung-Chia Chang, Dawn C. Collier, Ian M. Cook, Travis D. Custer,
Mark C. Demaray, Matthew A. English, Corey M. Hance,
Stephanie J. Hofstee, Michael T. Nesland, Susan L. Poluyanow,
Jessica R. Smith, Jessica Gail Steinfeld, Leah M. Taylor

Susan Marie Anderson, Cara Bailey, Sheri L. Campbell,
Caroline M. Dermarkarian, Jeanne M. McCarthy,
Lynda Kay Paxton, Robert S. Renz, Anthony M. Schultz

Carolyn A. Strand

Also inducted, Dr. Bradley R. Marshall, Senior Partner
Marshall, Wheeler, Zaug, P.L.L.C.

With special thanks to:

Professor Philip Glassey, Founding Secretary
Seattle Pacific University Chapter
Champion of students and founder of Sigma Beta Delta at SPU.