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Some of our outstanding graduates

Major: Computer Science with minors in Communication and Leadership Studies

“Some advice I have for incoming students is to get involved. Being an RA and on ASSP (Associated Students of Seattle Pacific) Core really made my college experience.”

Major: Music Production

“I enjoyed taking professional development classes. Connecting with professionals in the music industry has been helpful and cool.”

Double Major: Urban Studies and Spanish Studies

“The class that impacted me most was a Migrations Seminar focusing on immigrants, refugees, and Dreamers that I took with Dr. Mondesir. This class encouraged me to pursue an internship (and now career) working with migrant communities.”

Double Major: Business Administration: Information Systems and Apparel Merchandising.

“As a first-generation college student, daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, and woman of color, I feel for all my first-gen and BIPOC peers — you deserve to be here just as much as your peers. In addition to excelling in the classroom, it is so important to get involved, utilize your resources, and do things that make you uncomfortable.”

Major: Music Composition and Production

“I decided to do a double emphasis to get a more holistic picture of what it might look like to compose music for film, as well as how to produce my own music in the future!”

Major: Biology

“My biggest career goal is to make a tangible difference in the world of marine conservation. Since becoming a scuba diver, I have realized that the health of the planet as a whole begins with a healthy ocean. Marine research is underrepresented in science, and I intend to change that.”

Major: Applied Human Biology

"STEM majors can study abroad! I know it can seem intimidating and impossible with the number of biology courses needed, but studying abroad in Uganda was one of the best choices I made.”

Major: Social Justice and Cultural Studies

“I wish everyone knew that the major is a helpful starting point for those who would like to gain a framework that allows us to imagine a more equitable world.”

Major: Nursing

“As a previous patient at Mary Bridge Children’s, I have always had the goal to rejoin the team as an RN. As a disabled woman and formally disabled child, I am passionate about pediatrics and disability.”

Major: Psychology

“I took a vocational class my junior year where I was first introduced to the idea of being a ‘multipotentialite,’ a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits. This helped me to finally feel as though it was OK to want to do more than one thing with my life and to live into each of my passions.”

Major/minor: Biochemistry with a minor in Bioethics and Humanities

“I hope to either go to medical school or graduate school after college. In the meantime, I plan to take a gap year and work as a research scientist at a lab here in Seattle. The courses I’ve taken at SPU truly equipped me with transferable skills and piqued my interest in scientific research.”

Major: Sociology

“My most impactful class was ‘Policing and Communities’ taught by Dr. Snedker. This course exemplified structural and systemic issues among policing. The relevance of this course was significant as the rise of Black Lives Matters protest surged.”

Major: History with a secondary education endorsement

“I would love to teach history in middle school. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful internship at McClure Middle School and I know this age can be challenging for many, but I find it the most rewarding.”

Major: Electrical Engineering

“Ultimately, my career goal is always to keep learning and solve problems to help others. In the near term, I intend to complete a two-year rotation program at Fluke Corporation where I will cycle through several different engineering roles.”

Major: Communications

“I wish people knew how important the Communication Studies major is for thinking critically, using evolving technology, and interacting productively with other people.”

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

“I’ve persevered through many obstacles to get to where I am today, not always feeling that I belonged, but since stepping onto the SPU campus from day one as a non-traditional student, I felt like I became part of a unique family and amazing community full of opportunities.”

Major: Nursing

“I took ‘Ethics in Nursing’ with Professor Heidi Monroe and eight other students during Spring Quarter 2020, just as COVID was increasing in caseloads. As a small class, we were able to discuss many topics including moral resilience, genetics, neonatal resuscitation, end of life, and global health policy.”

Major: Global DevelopmentStudent-Designed major in Middle East and North African Studies, and Honors Liberal Arts

“This coming year, I will be serving as the Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion Fellow at World Concern, working on design and evaluation of poverty-relief programs in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. After that, I hope to pursue independent research and graduate school to study the intersection of women, international development, and religion.”

Major: Linguistics and Cultural Studies

“My most memorable experience was having one class where we had to simulate starting a civilization, but none of us could use English. I loved that class; it’s what made me change my major, and I’m so glad I did.”

Double Major: Economics and Honors Liberal Arts with a minor in Mathematics.

“Next year I will be joining the Economics PhD program at University of California-Riverside, so my highest career priority, in the short run, is to successfully graduate from UCR, making long-lasting connections and publishing impactful research along the way. This summer, I will be a graduate research intern at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.”

Major: English

“My most important takeaway: Language exists to serve its speakers and writers — not the other way around. You’ll likely end up tossing your ‘I’m silently judging your grammar’ mug.”

Major: Accounting

“I hope that through my job, I can help business owners understand the financial situation of their business better so that they can grow their business by making the best financial decisions. Since I’m an international student, I would also like to get into international accounting.”

Major/minor: Biochemistry, and Honor Humanities with Bioethics Minor

“The thing that I wish people knew about my major is the same thing that I wish people knew about any major: as soon as you commit to learning about something greater than yourself, you open yourself up to a greater appreciation of the world.”

Major: Nutrition and Dietetics

“Dietetics is not just learning how to curate meal plans and calculate caloric intake. It also encompasses the mind-to-body connection with food. Food is exciting and delicious. There isn’t one way to eat.”

Double Major: Accounting and Business Administration, with an emphasis in finance

“My personal reasons for majoring in accounting were so that I could understand financial statements better for investing purposes, and so that I wouldn’t have to hire an accountant right away if I ever decide to start my own business.”

Final projects by our graduates

Seniors majoring in photography, visual design, and interior design showcase their work online.

The multi-disciplinary exhibition, curated by guest artist and theologian Maria Fee, features the work of 13 graduating seniors in studio and visual art.

This year’s exhibition features the work of graduating seniors in illustration/new pictures: Jessica Brown, Verity Gritter, Elly Ha, Emily Lembke, Daniel Lilly, Caitlyn Olexer, and Sabrina Waller.

Watch the short film “Table For One” from our 2021 Photography/Digital Media graduate Liz Albrecht.

This exhibit features the work of 22 graduating seniors in visual communication.

This annual show of graduating seniors in interior design features digital portfolios, resumes, and associated business papers.

Seattle Pacific University's Ames Library

Final Projects by University Scholars

The SPU honors program is an accelerated alternative to regular general education for intellectually curious and motivated students, guided by the framing question, “What does it mean to be human?” It's challenging, inquiry-based, and interconnected curriculum asks students to go deeper into the key questions at the heart of our lives, our faith, and our world. Learn more about these honors students.

Our retiring faculty

These faculty members will finish their careers at Seattle Pacific with the Class of 2021:

Robert W. Wall

Paul T. Walls Professor Scripture and Wesleyan Studies

Years at SPU: 43

Reed Davis

Professor of Political Science

Years at SPU: 32

Rod Stiling

Associate Professor and Chair of History Department

Years at SPU: 20

Christine Hoyle

Associate Professor of Nursing; Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Years at SPU: 7