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Training & Research: Clinical Sequence

To enact the local clinical-scientist training model, the following general sequence of academic coursework, practicum training, and internship training occurs in the SPU clinical psychology program.

The following courses are extracted from the overall doctoral program plan and relate specifically to the clinical training aspects of the program.

First Year
CPY 7927
CPY 7928
Clinical Foundations I
Clinical Foundations II
Second Year
CPY 7310
CPY 7315
CPY 7300
CPY 7929
Psychological Interventions I Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
Psychological Interventions II Psychodynamic Therapies
Methods of Psychological Assessment: Intelligence and Achievement
Third Year
CPY 7330
CPY 7316
CPY 7130
CPY 7930
Methods of Psychological Assessment Personality and Psychopathology
Psychological Interventions III Family and Child Therapies
Human Sexuality and Sex Therapy
Fourth Year
CPY 7931 Practicum II
Fifth Year
CPY 7940 Internship