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Ursula C. Krentz, Ph.D.

Ursula C. Krentz, Ph.D.

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Revision of the Functional Emotional Assessment Scale

“A baby alone does not exist” – (Winnicott, 1965)

A child’s well-being is embedded in relationships

Little is known about appropriate diagnostic approaches or the developmental course of mental health problems in children under 3 years of age.

There is significant need for research on level of impairment as a step toward supporting reliable systematic clinical decision-making and determination of treatment needs in children under 3-years of age.

What does impairment look like in an infant or toddler?

(Carter, Briggs-Gowan, Davis, 2004)

  • Difficulty in forming and maintaining relationships
  • Difficulty with regulation and interest in the world
  • Difficulty with communication,
  • Difficulty with behavioral organization
  • Difficulty with problem solving and representational capacity


The ultimate goal of this project is to evaluate and revise an existing research based, observational measure of child social and emotional functioning, the Functional Emotional Assessment Scale (FEAS) as a measure of impairment.

For this study, we hope to:

  • Explore the criteria needed for a useful and appropriate measure of impairment for infants
  • Explore what coding instruments are currently available , with emphasis on the Functional Emotional Assessment Scale
  • Test reliability and validity of a revised version of the FEAS using existing data from two existing data sets

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Available Assessments for Infants and Toddlers