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Leadership Studies Minor

The Leadership Studies academic minor is a joint project between the Office of Student Life and the Political Science Department.  The minor in Leadership Studies is a bold step forward by Seattle Pacific University to further strengthen and improve the learning and skill development of our students so that they are completely equipped to engage the culture and change the world.

The Leadership Studies minor is a 30 credit hour program that consists of:

  • 5 credit hour core course called Foundations of Leadership, which is offered every other Fall Quarter by Dr. Reed Davis, Associate Professor of Political Science;
  • 5-10 credit hours to come from POLS 4930 (Leadership Practicum); and
  • 15-20 credit hours in three areas that include specific lists of existing courses in fields such as Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Communications, Philosophy, and Business.

Admission into the minor is limited to 20 students every other year.  Applications for admission to the minor will take place annually during Spring Quarter.

For additional information, contact the Office of Student Programs, (206) 281-2247.

Who is eligible to apply?

All SPU students in leadership positions who are advised through the Office of Student Life, University Ministries, or The Perkins Center (i.e., PA's, SMC's, ASSP leaders, STUB) are eligible to apply.  The practicum portion of the program must be taken while students hold one of these positions.

What if I am interested in the minor but do not plan to be in one of the designated leadership positions or I am not selected for one of the positions?

As with any academic program that contains internship or practicum credits, the experiential learning portion is essential. Therefore, admission to the minor is not a guarantee--you must complete the POLS 4930 portion as designated.

What if I am in leadership at SPU or plan to be and do not want to do the minor?

The minor is NOT required to have a successful leadership experience at SPU.  We recognize many people do not desire or cannot fit in an additional minor.  Our regular leadership programs will continue, and we are aware that ALL leaders deserve and will get good staff advising and mentoring.

When will the POLS 2900 course be offered?

See the SPU Catalog.


Organizations or Human Social Behavior Group (5 required)
BUS 3614   Organizational Behavior for Managers (5)
COM 4265  Organizational Communication (5)
HIS 3670    History of American Foreign Relations (5)
POL 3430    The Presidency and Congress: Politics of National Leadership (5)
POL 3450    Politics, Parties, and Interest Groups (3)

POL 4000    Public Policy & Administration (5)

PSY 3438    Social Psychology (5)
PSY 3439    Motivation and Leadership (5)
PSY 4410    Cross Cultural Psychology (3)
SOC 2440   Small Group Dynamics (5)
SOC 3215   Social Inequality: Power and Privilege (5)
SOC 3862   Racial and Ethnic Minorities (5)

SOC 4250   Law & Society (5)

THEO 2520  Intro to Global & Urban Ministry (5)
WST 2350   Introduction to Women’s Studies (5)

Foundations for Leadership - Moral, Ethical & Justice Group
BUS 3400    Business Ethics (5)
COM 4177   Communication Ethics (5)
HIS 3395     European Intellectual History: from Anselm to Marx (5)
HIS 3405     Topics in the History of Christianity (3-5)
HIS 3406     Christianity in America (5)

PHI 3770     Political Philosophy (3)

PHI 3651     Contemporary Ethical Theory (5)
POL 2641     Christianity and American Politics (5)

POL 2642     Christianity & World Politics (5)
POL 3170     Geopolitics (5)

POL 3440     International Peace & World Order (5)
POL 3410     Moral Foundations of Democracy (5)
SOC 3215    Social Inequality: Power and Privilege (5)

SOC 4260    Complex Organizations (5)

THEO 3501   Christian Ethics (5)

THEO 3510   Christianity & Society (5)

THEO 4720   Leadership in Ministry (5)

Personal Development & Skills Group
BUS 2600    Managerial Communication (2)

BUS 3620    Management Informational Systems (5)
BUS 3657    Human Resource Management (5)
COM 2323   Argumentation: Art of Inference (5)
COM 3160   Conflict Management (3-5)
COM 3322   Persuasive Campaigns (5)

POL 3780    Law & Society (5)

POL 4643    Methods of Political Analysis (5)
PSY 2422    Psychology of Personal Growth (3)

PSY 2470    Life Span Developmental Psychology (5)

PSY 3442    Psychology of Personality (5)

THEO 3710  Human Development & Christian Faith (5)

THEO 2735  Discipleship (3)

Click here to APPLY for the Leadership Studies Minor.


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