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ASSP Ministry Council

The purpose of the ASSP Ministry Council is to act as a decision-making body for campus ministry issues, within the context of the jurisdiction granted the Ministry Council by ASSP, the John Perkins Center, and the Office of University Ministries (and specifically excluding those decisions which fall within individual position descriptions).



ASSP Ministries Council (AMC) shall be chaired by the ASSP VPM, and shall consist of the following members: Urban Involvement (UI) Coordinator, Group Coordinator, SPRINT Coordinator, the two Campus Student Ministry Coordinators (CSMCs), Gather Coordinator, Latreia Coordinator, Sharpen
Coordinator, Relinquish Coordinator, Catalyst Ministry Coordinator and two ASSP Senators, with the Directors of the OUM and JPC, and all staff advisors serving as ex-officio members.


Selection: Final Selection of all coordinators rests with the ASSP Ministry Council. A review committee consisting of the current coordinator, the vice president of ministries, VPM-elect, and the designated advisor from OUM/CFW or the Perkins Center reviews applications and conducts interviews.

The review committee nominates one candidate to ASSP Ministry Council for final approval. AMC considers nominations and either approves the nomination or refers it back to the review committee for reconsideration. If AMC refers a nomination to the review comittee, the committee reopens the application process. AMC typically completes its selection process within three weeks after ASSP Officer elections. All decisions of AMC require a two-thirds majority vote.

Other Duties: The Council is responsible for making decisions on campus ministry issues in the context of its purpose, outlined above. Primary issues include new program ideas, formation of ministry procedures and guidelines, and evaluation of current programs for the purpose of instituting improvements and/or determining program continuation. All decisions require a two-thirds majority vote. The AMC also supports and prays for the ongoing ministries within the organization.


2014-2015 Student members (in addition to OUM and John Perkins Center staff):

Brooke Holt

Campus Student Ministry Coordinator

Jake Crammer Campus Student Ministry Coordinator
Tony Lee Catalyst Ministry Coordinator
Amanda Erickson Group Coordinator
Haley Balbi Latreia Coordinator

Elizabeth Rueda-Herrera

ASSP Vice-President of Ministries

Kelsey Craig

Urban Involvement Coordinator
Daniel Lee SPRINT Coordinator
Emily Nelson Gather Worship Team Coordinator
Tucker Rogers Sharpen Coordinator
Kelley Ige Relinquish Coordinator
John Grino Senator
Danny Anderson Senator
Stephanie Chew Ministry Marketer