Learn more about these outstanding graduates and take a look at videos from Undergraduate Commencement and Graduate Commencement.


Videos and Commencement events

Some of our outstanding graduates

Major: Nursing

“I wish people knew that although nursing is known to be a difficult major and has a high workload, it is filled with so much joy and vulnerability.”

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology with a Chemistry minor

“SPU has meant being in a supportive environment that prepared me well for my next steps. It was valuable to be in a community of friends with similar goals as me, and to have professors that provided encouragement and support over the last few years.”

Major: Communication Studies with a minor in Journalism

“I’ve grown into a better person both academically and internally during my time here at SPU. Through that growth, I have met amazing friends and colleagues, and I’ve created meaningful connections with the faculty and staff.”

Double Major: Computer Science and Honors Liberal Arts.

“Get to know your professors. When school got hard, my professors were one of my biggest supports and sources of encouragement.”

Major: MS Research Psychology

“Some of my career goals are to get my PhD in clinical psychology, conduct research internationally, and start my own research think tank or private practice.”

Major: English Literature and Social Justice and Cultural Studies

“I would encourage incoming students to explore as much as they can and build connections with their professors — they really want to help and be there for you. Where I was four years ago when I started SPU has really changed in transformative ways, and I am thankful for that change.”

Triple Major and Minors: Mathematics, Christian Theology, and Honors Liberal Arts with minors in Data Analytics and Christian Discipleship.

“SPU has given me the opportunity to rigorously engage multiple areas of study and make meaningful connections between disciplines. It has also been a place in which I have been able to live into my sense of vocation as a learner and teacher through both mentorship and leadership opportunities.”

Major: MS in Research Psychology

“ SPU has been a place where I have grown in my passions, developed skills for my future career, pursued college athletics, and created lifelong relationships. I have also seen the value that everyone — regardless of gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation — brings to the table and that everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. ”

Major: Global Development Studies with a minor in Ecotheology

"I don’t think I can choose one class or professor as the most impactful as I had so many amazing professors and interesting classes. However, one of my favorite classes was Environmental Science with Dr. Long and Dr. Nelson. It was cool to be able to fulfill some of my general education requirements by exploring the forests and beaches on Blakely Island for a week.”

Major: Visual Communications, minor in Digital Media Design

“After being here for four years, SPU feels like a second home. I have met people here from all over the world and it amazes me to see a new world perspective aside from traveling. Moving here from the East Coast was probably one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Double Major: Global Development and Economics

“Do not stress about things that are outside of your control. Academics can be very stressful but trust the process. If you put in the work, there will be results.”

Major: Psychology: Community Psychology and Behavioral Health Track and minor in Human Development and Family Studies

“SPU has been such a great place for change and personal growth, and I would not have had the opportunity to meet some of my closest friends if I had chosen to go elsewhere. I’m so thankful for the education I’ve gained and the people I’ve had the chance to meet while at SPU.”

Major: Information Systems

“It’s not the end of the world if you feel like you are never sure of what you want to do because me too! SPU offers so many amazing opportunities for you to try out and fail, so don’t be afraid to get involved in what interests you as much as possible. You’ll never know where that leads you.”

Major: Film Studies and minor in Journalism

“Both Dr. Shaban and Dr. Peg Achterman were my two saviors and inspiration in becoming a woman in the media field. I’ve learned from them to be brave, to step out of my comfort zone, and to continuously learn about things that I haven’t known.”

Major: Communication Studies

“It has been an honor and a privilege to attend SPU, which I am confident is by divine appointment. SPU is a dream come true that has given me the confidence and knowledge I need to succeed.”

Final projects by our graduates

Seniors majoring in photography, visual design, and interior design showcase their work online.

This culmination of study features individual projects by students Hans Amor, Alaysja Clark, Rachael Fasano and Lily Morgan. These thoughtful and compelling works present a range of material approaches, including painting, sculpture, video, audio, and animation. Check out their work at SPAC Gallery.

This year’s exhibition features a kaleidoscopic collection of illuminating works by Meg Rouse, Moira Dewey, Joshua Hyodo, Audrey Marble, and Leslie Lee. The 2022 Illustration cohort is presenting a variety of illustrative storytelling, including comics, illustration, children's books, storyboarding, murals, and animation.

This year’s exhibition features the work of graduating seniors in photography: Daisy Han, Camilla Hansen, Emma Benningfield. This exhibition combines the seniors’ diverse visions of photographing architectural structure, fleeting moments of life, human reaction. Check out their artworks profile on Instagram.

This exhibit features the work of graduating seniors in visual communication.

Seattle Pacific University's Ames Library

Final Projects by University Scholars

The SPU honors program is an accelerated alternative to regular general education for intellectually curious and motivated students, guided by the framing question, “What does it mean to be human?” It's challenging, inquiry-based, and interconnected curriculum asks students to go deeper into the key questions at the heart of our lives, our faith, and our world. Learn more about these honors students.

Our retiring faculty

These faculty members will finish their careers at Seattle Pacific with the Class of 2022:

Miriam Adeney

Associate Professor of World Christian Studies

43 Years of Service

Tom Amorose

Professor of English

26 Years of Service

Bruce Baker

Associate Professor of Business

13 Years of Service

John Bond

Professor of Educational Administration and Supervision

14 Years of Service

Bob Drovdahl

Professor of Educational Ministry

40 Years of Service

Alberto Ferreiro

Professor of History

36 Years of Service

Sharleen Kato

Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

36 Years of Service

Robbin O Leary

Professor of Mathematics

32 Years of Service

Mark Walhout

Professor of English

35 Years of Service