Some of our outstanding graduates

Learn more about these outstanding graduates.

Rafi Pezo Acosta

“Not only have I gotten to grow academically and be more confident in my career path but I have also experienced significant personal growth. I’ve learned to intentionally seek my Christian faith and trust more in God.”

Lou Bridges

“Dr. Hughes's class, Game of Life: WWII, made me fall in love with historical research and writing, and Dr. Walter's class, Women and Gender in Islam, made me fall in love with Middle Eastern and Islamic history.”

Erin Carty

“While at SPU I've grown more confident in myself and in my work. I now have the confidence in my performance and work ethic to take on new tasks and experiences without stress.”

Carrie Cox

“My advice is to take advantage of every opportunity here on campus, and to always apply for internships and research experiences even if you don't think you will get them. One of the best experiences I had during my undergraduate career was being a summer student at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland…When I applied, I thought I had almost no chance of being accepted to the program, but I applied anyway and ended up having a life-changing experience that was also very helpful for my graduate school applications.”

Gloria Diehl

“SPU has provided me with experiences that have strengthened my leadership, expanded my community, and increased my understanding of our call as Christ’s body to love as God loves.”

Estefania Velazquez Franco

“Here at SPU, we don’t just learn about management, finance, and marketing; we also focus on how to lead with integrity, make ethical decisions, and contribute positively to society.”

Samuel Gibbon

“I have experienced tremendous growth during my time at SPU. Entering school during the pandemic, moving away from my hometown, navigating my mental health journey, deepening my faith, and the friendships God has blessed me with have all been significant milestones.”

Jenna Gillam

“I have grown in so many different ways! Perhaps the biggest is being more confident in who I am on a personal and professional level.”

Marco Gutierrez

“My time at SPU has deepened my faith and has grown my competence and critical thinking.”

Brianna Ingram

“I’ve definitely grown in my comfort level with networking and communicating with professionals in my field. It has really helped to utilize campus resources and attend events catered toward helping students get practice with it.”

Samantha Jacobson

“My most impactful professors were my undergraduate advisor and research lab director, Dr. Mícheál Roe, and my doctoral advisor and research lab director, Dr. Keyne Law. Both have been phenomenal mentors to me, helping me grow in my passion for psychological science.”

Lauryn Keith

“My most impactful professor has been Dr. Tracie Delgado because she has pushed me to think like a medical professional and trained me in so many lab techniques, while also inspiring me with her life experience and values. Look out for her upcoming salmon paper that I was able to TA for!”

Azhar Kimange

“I grew in my programming skills, confidence, public speaking, and then broke into entrepreneurship to start my very own start-up. I grew closer to the SPU staff and the International Student Services staff with great support from people like Rachel Goodrich.”

Parker Landon

“My time at SPU has encouraged me to grow in ways that extend far beyond learning in my majors. The liberal arts education I've received has stimulated my excitement and curiosity about a range of subjects. I've grown more confident, analytical, and well-rounded in my thinking, and I've made considerable strides towards my personal goals.”

Kaitlyn Liu

“As a pre-med student, I originally was only interested in my STEM classes, but after taking an ethics class, I became more interested in philosophy and the humanities in general. So, I decided to minor in cultural anthropology and philosophy.”

Rocky Marks

“I was at SPU during hard times in my life and good ones… So, my personal growth has happened not only in the big impactful moments, but the little ones as well — the day-to-day experience of learning here at SPU. The skills that SPU and my professors, advisors, and supervisors gave me are invaluable.”

Joel Martin

“The (Baja SAE) team has set me on a path for career success and I will always look back with gratitude to SPU for this as well as many other opportunities to grow and develop as an engineer and leader.”

Rayna Martin

“What I'm most excited about in my future career is to dig my hands into building community! If there's one thing I've learned in my time at SPU, it's that belonging is made up of a family built on good leadership.”

Stephanie Menegon

“My time at SPU has taught me to not have any limits to what I can do and to embrace as many opportunities as possible… The person I am today is a combination of my professors, friends, and family who continue to support me, teach me many lessons, and most importantly let me grow in my own unique way.”

Esther Mutesi

“Being at SPU has taught me how important community is especially during hard times. I have learned to critically think and view things from a global perspective.”

Zach Nacke

“SPU has taught me to care about not just my life, but the people near and far from me, and teaching everyone the many wonders of living.”

Naide Perez

“During my time at SPU, I have experienced significant growth both personally and academically. Practical experiences through internships and community service have enhanced my skills and reinforced my commitment to advocating for marginalized communities.”

Rae Perez

“My growth at this institution has been made possible by professors like Dr. Jennifer McFarlane Harris, Dr. Matthew Bellinger, and Dr. Amy Robertson, who allowed me to be a full person and not just a student, giving me the support and empowerment I needed to endure dire circumstances.”

Rabi Pervez

“I remember as a junior looking for different major options that could align with my goals and interests, still unclear at that time, nevertheless, the Social Justice and Cultural Studies program caught my attention.”

Krysta Reese

“By appreciating the complex interconnections of our natural world, I have also realized the complex intersections between my passions for community, science, teaching, and service at the individual level.”

Alessandro Rizzi

“SPU has provided me with a holistic education. This comprehensive approach has not only shaped my thinking and problem-solving skills but has also influenced how I navigate both my personal and professional life. I attribute much of this growth to my experiences at SPU and the individuals I've encountered along the way.”

Doug Russell

“I started my college journey in 1993, attending SPU full time from 1998-2000, finally finishing my degree in 2023. I am well into my career and do have SPU to thank for that.”

Lance Sarquilla

“I think the questions, dreams, and unique experiences we bring into the classroom are really what makes our college experience worth it.”

Kyra Skipworth

“Through my professors and their expectations of me, I have seen such an increase in my confidence. I am doing things this year, such as student teaching and taking big risks, that I never could have imagined myself doing my first year of college.”

Owen Smith

“My time at SPU and on the Baja SAE team has allowed me to grow into the well-rounded, adept, and confident engineer as I leave.”

Katie Taggart

“I am coming out of my college career more confident in myself, my talents, and my future than I could have ever imagined. I'm so thankful for the endless growth opportunities that I have been given and taken during my years at SPU.”

Maria Weya

“I have grown a lot during my time at SPU. SPU has impacted my personal, academic, and spiritual growth.”

Final projects by our graduates

Seniors majoring in photography, visual design, and interior design showcase their work online.
SPU Honors logo

The Honors program is an accelerated alternative to regular general education for intellectually curious and motivated students guided by the framing question, “What does it mean to be human?” Here are this year’s graduates research projects.

Four models posing at the 2024 MODE Fashion Show

Graduating seniors in apparel design and merchandising showcased their unique designs. Designers: Katie Taggart, Malaejah Smith, Jennifer Le, Natalie Hodge, Jady Alonso, and Jaclyn Paterson. Stylists: Mackenzie Swenson, Stephanie Menegon, and Evelyn Shim.


This exhibit featured a dynamic collection of paintings, each offering a unique perspective on the world through the lens of emerging artists Chloe Christopher, Alfie Riley, Seorin Park, and Kade Franco.

Interior Design 2023 cohort on the steps of Peterson Hall

Featuring the work of interior design graduates Noelia Bravo-Alejandrez, John D’Agostino, Karen Fiorenza, Fabiola Lucatero Huato, Danny Le, Hadiya McCallum, Emily Pablo, Quynh Pham, Sita Poudyl, Emily Thomas, and Natalie Vargasin.

Earthly Bodies

Featuring works by Kati Chau, Macs Herdrich, and Madi Stephens, this exhibit presented a range of material approaches including photography, sculpture, video, and textiles to explore the spiritual connection that exists between bodies.

Mosaic Viscom 2024

Featuring design work by Erin Carty, Micky Flores-Nieves, Charlie Hill, Grace Horn, Brianna Ingram, Cole Johnson, Gloria Lee, and Sophia Ochs.

Incoming Emeriti Faculty

Elena Brezynski
Elena M.V. Brezynski, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

12 years of service

Christine Chaney
Christine Chaney, PhD

Professor of English; Director of Honors Program

30 years of service

David Diekema
David Diekema, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology

32 years of service

Cher Edwards
Cher Edwards, PhD

Professor of Counselor Education

23 years of service

Randy Franz
Randal Franz, PhD

Professor of Management

33 years of service

Greg Fritzberg
Greg Fritzberg, PhD

Professor of Education

23 years of service

Daniela Gheleva
Daniela Gheleva, PhD

Associate Professor of Food and Nutrition; Director of the SPU Community Kitchen Program; Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

18 years of service

Richard Lorig, MFA
Richard Lorig, MFA

Professor of Theatre; Head of Design

10 years of service

Patrick McDonald
Patrick McDonald, PhD

Professor of Philosophy

22 years of service

Amy Mezulis
Amy Mezulis, PhD

Chair and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology

17 years of service

Katya Nemtchynova
Katya Nemtchinova, PhD

Professor of Linguistics

26 years of service

Cindy Price
Cynthia Price, PhD

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs; Associate Professor of Sociology

31 years

Daniel Schofield
Daniel Schofield, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

13 years of service

Lane Seeley
Lane Seeley, PhD

Professor and Chair of Physics

22 years

Karen Snedker
Karen Snedker, PhD

Professor of Sociology

18 years of service

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