Biology-Chemistry Year-End BBQ

Chemistry students at the Biology-Chemistry BBQ 2016
The Biology-Chemistry year-end BBQ is an annual tradition, providing faculty the opportunity to thank all of our students for their hard work and service, and to recognize our awardees and scholarship recipients. A highlight of the BBQ is Dr. Bartlett's Relay Race, pitting Biology students against Chemistry students to see who can most efficiently prepare a solution of a desired pH.

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2016 Biology-Chemistry BBQ

The 2016 BBQ was capped by presentation of awards and scholarships to Biology and Chemistry students. Congratulations to all of our students - we are very proud of your accomplishments!

Biology awards

  • Freshman Award (top freshman performance in BIO 2101, 2102 and 2103): Christian Pham
  • PPHS Award (in recognition of service/leadership in the PPHS program): Lindsey Quintana
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology Award (top MCB SPU laboratory research student): Jessica Soderquist (research advisor: Dr. Rick Ridgway)
  • Evolutionary Ecology Award (top SPU research student who has also done well in Ecology and Evolutionary Mechanisms courses): Rain Sullivan (research advisor: Dr. Ryan Ferrer)
  • Physiology Award (top SPU research student who has also done well in A&P and physiology courses): Grace Mammarella (research advisor: Dr. Janet Bester-Meredith)
  • Ross Shaw Field Ecology Award (top field ecology research student): John McAuley and Eliot Orando (research advisor: Dr. Eric Long)
  • TA Award (significant service by a teaching assistant): Andrea Belleville and Peder Erickson
  • Service Award (exemplary service to the Biology department): Lindsey Quintana
  • Causey Scholarship: Michaela Rubenstein and Deborah Peterson
  • Matthew Kelley Scholarship: Mary Mathison and Truc (Alice) Nguyen
  • A. Kenneth Moore Scholarship: Leah Bouterse
  • Joy Rusher and Lois Samuelson Scholarship: Charles Mitchell
  • Cindy Fitch-Steenson Scholarship: Mary Mathison

Chemistry awards

  • Award for Outstanding Achievement in Freshman Chemistry: Andrew Lee and Anton Taraskin
  • The Paul Lepse Award for Outstanding Achievement in Organic Chemistry: Elizabeth Knodel
  • The Wes Lingren Award for Outstanding Achievement in Analytical Chemistry: Austin Mencke
  • The LyIe Peter Award for Outstanding Achievement in Inorganic Chemistry: Caleb Thompson
  • The Grayson Capp Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biochemistry: Andrea Belleville
  • Award for Outstanding Achievement in Physical Chemistry: Joseph Heindel
  • The Greg Phelan Award for Outstanding Service: Navarre Freeman
Meet The Dean

Meet the Chair

Derek Wood, PhD, is an associate professor of biology and chair of the Biology Department.