BioCORE Scholars Program

The BioCORE Scholars program is a new initiative of the Biology department, under the direction of Dr. Elena Brezynski. The goals of the BioCORE Scholars Program are to promote academic success, career discernment, create peer and community networks, gain research experience, and develop Peer Mentor leaders for future BioCORE Scholars.

Scholars participate in weekly workshops, quarterly seminars with professionals from around the Seattle area, and other networking events. Scholars also participate in a one-week research internship, conducting independent research with SPU Biology faculty.

Applications are now being accepted, and will be due to Dr. Brezynski by 3:00 PM on Thursday, November 2, 2017. You may apply online, via this Google Form or by printing and filling out the PDF version of the application.

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BioCORE Scholars and Mentors

Slideshow LinkBioCORE Scholars 2016 cohort

Meet our 2017 BioCORE Scholars. They are listed left to right: Laarni Aguila, Ngan Dang, Bereket Kassa, Jennifer Tung, Loretta Awiapo (Learning Assistant), Nate Cook, Menna Hailemariam, Jess Cayetano (Peer Mentor), Tsedenya Kebede, Antavea Green, Ketsia Kahambwe and Dassni Rodriguez (Peer Mentor). Also in the BioCORE Scholars Program but not pictured: Trevon Rathbun and Kaylin Chea-McGee.

Other photos from the welcome party: participants, Welcome cake

BioCORE Scholars Research Week

Jennifer Tung and Ketsia Kahambwe with their research mentor, Dr. Cindy Bishop.
Slideshow LinkResearch students and project descriptions

During the week of June 12-16, 2017, seven BioCORE Scholars participated in independent research with three Biology faculty. The week culminated in a symposium, in which scholars presented their results to the SPU community. In four days, the scholars accomplished an impressive amount of work - developing an understanding of their project, learning and troubleshooting experimental techniques, and collecting data.

Past Symposia

The 2016 Symposium featured presentations from Anita Karr and Hayley Cheney Kane (working with Dr. Cara Wall-Scheffler), Simone Neal and Cienn Joyeux (working with Dr. Janet Bester-Meredith) and Adelaine Buenavista and Leslie Rodriguez-Salas (working with Dr. Jenny Tenlen).   The Symposium was attended by a number of SPU faculty and staff, including SPU President Dan Martin.

Elena Brezynski

Why I Teach at SPU

Elena Brezynski, Assistant Professor of Biology

“What I enjoy most is being in a classroom or lab talking with my students about biology. With the small class sizes at SPU, I know my students well and they know me. Questions and discussions flow best in smaller groups, and active, lively participation is the way students make critical connections among biological topics.”