Financial Aid and Tuition


If you are new to SPU, or maybe not so new, Student Financial Services is there to help you navigate the complex path to finding financial support and services. Student Financial Services Counselors are on staff to help you explore and develop strategies to meet college costs.


For more information regarding tuition and fees please see the Online Catalog.



Cost shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your nursing education. The following resources aim to help.


Scholarships specifically for BSN or beginning freshman:

Scholarships specifically for RN to BSN students:


Scholarships or fellowships for MSN/NP and graduate students:

Scholarships for BSN, RN to BSN, and Graduate (MSN/NP) students:

Scholarship search engines, loan info, and other helpful resources:

Career, Internship and Fellowship Opportunities

Center for Career and Calling at SPU (resources for job searches)

Learning Opportunity for Pre-Nursing and Nursing Students:

Career Opportunities:

Summer and Short-Term Opportunities:

RN Residency: