Faith at SPU

At SPU, everything we do is rooted in faith. Our faith in Christ propels us to have faith in our students, in community, in challenging ourselves, and in impacting the world for the better.

Our faculty come from a wide variety of Christian traditions, including Greek Orthodox, Baptist, Catholic, and Free Methodist. Faculty integrate their faith into how they teach and how they live. We celebrate diverse traditions and perspectives while remaining grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Faith in the Classroom

Whether you identify yourself as Christian or not, you are welcome to apply to Seattle Pacific.

Your SPU academic experience can help you discover what you believe as you learn about the Bible, the history of Christianity, and theology. SPU is a place to wrestle with difficult topics in the context of the Christian story. You’ll deepen your knowledge of faith in three core classes, collectively called “University Foundations,” alongside professors who know how to make the ancient texts of Scripture come to life.

You will have the opportunity to take classes, join worship services, and participate in Christian service in our city. Our faith commitment drives our mission to engage the culture and change the world.

Our Community of Faith

If you are eager to explore your faith outside the classroom, you will find many people to support you. These may be other students in your residence hall, the team of campus pastors in University Ministries, the student ministry coordinator on your residence hall floor, or a professor.

Worship Services

We have Three Weekly Worship Services
Gather Worship band

Worship band at the chapel service

Outreach Programs

If you know about our mission to engage the culture and change the world, then you probably know that we value faith in action. You’ll find several programs that will allow you to jump in and serve the community and the world.

Local Churches

We also want to help you find your church in Seattle. Every fall, representatives from several churches come to campus, so you can meet other current students and find rides. University Ministries also maintains a church database.