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Vicki Aaberg and erla Champ Gibson Saving Lives in Vietnam
While studying for her master’s degree in nursing at SPU, LaRelle Catherman, M.N. ‘96, traveled to Central Vietnam to provide health care and classes at a hospital. “God allowed me to see a people group who were in dire need of health and hygiene education, and safe drinking water,” she says. So Catherman did something about it.

Vicki Aaberg and erla Champ GibsonSHS Advisory Board Bridges the Gaps
How does the School of Health Sciences ensure that what it teaches students matches what employers will need when its students graduate? With an advisory board comprised of regional nurse executives. Learn more about the SHS Advisory Board and the difference it makes.

Vicki Aaberg and erla Champ GibsonDonna Hoffert: Ethiopian Encounter
In December 2006, former SHS professor Donna Hoffert traveled to Ethiopia to teach at the Central Health College. Read about her adventure abroad — and the legacy she left.

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