RN to BSN Degree Program


Coursework and Suggested Sequence

For an overview of RN to BSN Program courses, visit our course description section in the SPU Undergraduate catalog.


Required Nursing Courses (47 credits)


Professional Nursing Concepts: R.N. 5 credits
Family and Community Nursing: R.N. 4 credits
Professional Nursing Role: R.N. 4 credits (two 2 credit courses)
Health Care Delivery Models: R.N. 3 credits
Professional Nursing Synthesis Theory 3 credits
Professional Nursing Synthesis Internship 8 credits (two 4 credit courses)
Nursing Research: R.N.

3 credits

Biomedical Statistics* 5 credits
Christian Scriptures 5 credits
Christian Theology 5 credits


Practicum courses are project based, with hours arranged by the student and the student's advisor.

Visit SPU’s online undergraduate catalog for a complete review of general education program distribution requirements.