RN to BSN Degree Program

Program of Study

The RN to BSN Program at Seattle Pacific University keeps on the cutting edge of nursing education with a curriculum that challenges students to strive for excellence. Yet the Program also eases students back into university study with helpful transition courses and convenient off-campus class locations and times.


SPU Credit Options for RN to BSN Program

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree requires a total of 180 credits: 77 nursing credits, 5 HSC (statistics) credits, and 98 SPU Foundations and general education credits.


Students in the RN to BSN Program earn these credits through

  • College transfer credits from other institutions (maximum of 90 credits from community college)
  • SPU RN to BSN Program credits from required nursing courses offered in off-campus locations


Transfer Students

SPU allows a maximum of 90 credits to be transferred from community colleges. To achieve an SPU degree, an undergraduate transfer student must


  • Earn a minimum of 45 SPU credits as a matriculated student
  • Complete at least 60 credits in courses numbered 3000–4999 (upper-division)
  • Complete the nursing major (RN to BSN courses)
  • Finish their final 15 credits prior to degree completion in residence* at SPU


See the SPU Transfer section of the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for complete details.


*Credits earned through the SPU RN to BSN Program are considered resident credits even though the classes are held off-campus.

Coursework and Suggested Sequence

For an overview of RN to BSN Program courses, visit our course description section in the SPU Undergraduate catalog.


To see what eight quarters of study could look like, review our suggested course sequence. (48 KB PDF)


Required Nursing Courses (47 credits)


Professional Nursing Concepts: R.N. 5 credits
Family and Community Nursing: R.N. 4 credits
Professional Nursing Role: R.N. 4 credits (two 2 credit courses)
Health Care Delivery Models: R.N. 3 credits
Professional Nursing Synthesis Theory 3 credits
Professional Nursing Synthesis Internship 8 credits (two 4 credit courses)
Nursing Research: R.N.

3 credits

Biomedical Statistics* 5 credits
Christian Scriptures 5 credits
Christian Theology 5 credits


Practicum courses are project based, with hours arranged by the student and the student's advisor.


*Statistics may be taken at SPU or at another college or university. If a statistics course taken at another college is a lower-division course or with a prefix other than Nursing or Health Science (e.g., math, business or psychology), three additional credits in nursing are required. These credits are usually taken as independent study and arranged through the RN to BSN Program Director.


Visit SPU’s online undergraduate catalog for a complete review of general education program distribution requirements.