Undergraduate Prelicensure Nursing Program

Eating Healthy for Life

Screen Capture of the filmIt's estimated over the next two decades that the population of older adults living in the United States will double. Ensuring a quality of life during the "golden years" means choosing to live a healthy lifestyle – even if that choice is acted on later in life.

"Eating Healthy for Life" is a community-education video produced by nursing students at Seattle Pacific University. The video addresses healthy cardiovascular nutrition among older adults in order to reduce risks of multiple chronic problems usually related to atherosclerosis.


Please view this 14-minute health-promotion video. If you would like to help increase public awareness, feel free to place the link on your website or blog site.

Watch the video now.

If you have any questions about this video or other health initiatives, please contact Carol Redfield at carolsr@spu.edu.

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