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Britannica Online via the King County Library System (requires a KCLS login)
Encyclopedia of philosophy, 2nd ed., ed. Borchert (2006), via the King County Library System (requires a KCLS login)
Encyclopedia of religion, 2nd ed., ed. Jones (2005), via the King County Library System (requires a KCLS login)
Globethics.net:  hosts the Ethics Library at Globethics.net as well as the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism (GlobTheoLib).  Registration (which is free) gives access to Oxford Handbooks Online, among other things.
New Catholic encyclopedia, 2nd ed. (2003), via the King County Library System (requires a KCLS login).  Supplement 2009And from the 1st edition:  New Catholic encyclopedia:  jubilee volume, the Wotyla years (2001).
Oxford dictionary of the Christian church, rev. 3rd ed. (2005)
Oxford English Dictionary Online
Princeton Theological Seminary Alumni/ae, Resources for
Routledge encyclopedia of philosophy
ATLA Religion Database with Serials (ATLAS)
Indexes (Religious Studies Web Guide)
Index theologicus (IxTheo):  a major index to the periodical literature and to articles published in essay collections, with subject headings in both German and English. From the Universitätsbibliothek Tübingen.  Cf. ZID Theologie (below).  Period under review" (number of records by year of publication) here.  But the print original (Zeitschriftenihaltdienst Theologie) reaches as far back as 1975.

ZID (Zeitschrifteninhaltsdienst) Theologie:  records added to Index theologicus (above) on the 10th of the current month (Aktuelle Ausgabe), the previous month (Vormonat), and the month before that (Drittletzter Monat); and records added at about 8:20 p.m. on the previous day (Vortag), the day before that (Vorletzter Tag), and the day before that (Drittletzter Tag), etc.

Biblioteca del ISEDET:  "the most extensive Protestant [theological] library of Latin America".
BibScout, Theologie und Religionswissenschaften:  lists books, incl. reference books.
Harding University Graduate School of Religion Library Research Guides (Don Meredith):  outstanding annotated research guides inclusive (as should be all such online guides!) of much that is available only in print.
Categorized Internet Resources for Theological Study, McAlister Library, Fuller Theological Seminary
Religious Studies Web Guide (Saundra Lipton & Cheryl Adams)
Research Guide for Christianity, Yale Divinity School Library
Virtual Religion Index
Wabash Center Guide to Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion
Intute, Religion & Theology
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Internet Scout Project
Anthropological Index Online (Royal Anthropological Institute and the Centre for Anthropology, British Museum)
Australian Union List of Serials in Theological Collections (AULOTS)
BELIEVE Religious Information Service (Carl Johnson)
Bible, Judaism, Christianity via Google Book Search (Mischa Hooker)
Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon (BBKL):  the Web version of a major biographical encyclopedia with excellent bibliographies.  Remains in almost constant production.
Bibliographies on the Net
Bibliotheca Religiosa IntraText:  "allows users to see a list of all other instances in the text, plus additional statistics about word frequency" (Meriel Patrick).
Bibliothèques de recherche et centres de documentation specialisées, Maisons de Sciences de l'Homme:  far from specifically theological, but very rich in bibliographic (and other) resources nonetheless.
Center of Theological Inquiry
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
COMPLUDOC:  similar to DIALNET, below.
Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative, American Theological Library Association
Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
Deutsches Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm
DIALNET:  a current awareness service and major index to "scholarly output in the Spanish language".  Drop-down menu to the right permits access to an interface in English.  List of journals covered is on the homepage under "CLASSIFIED BY SUBJECT".  See, for example, "Religion, Religion history" (History of religion) under "Humanities."  Covers the dissertations of a number of universities, too, many of which are there in full-text.
Dictionnaire de spiritualité: alphabetical range per volume
Digi20:  downloadable full-text (also searchable) of German books out of print but still in copyright from publishers like Vandenhoek & Ruprecht.  Lots of theology.
Digital Library for International Research
Digital Public Library of America
DigiZeitschriften Open Access, Religion
Directory of Open Access Journals, Religion (University of Lund)
Documenta Catholica Omnia
DVLF: Le Dictionnaire vivant de la langue française
eBooks On Demand (EOD)
e-rara:  "makes digitized rare books from Swiss libraries available to the public, free of charge."
Electronic Journals, Religious Studies Web Guide (Saundra Lipton, University of Calgary)
Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek, Theologie und Religionswissenschaft
Encyclopedia of philosophy, 2nd ed. (2005):  "Preliminary list of articles"
European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) Initial List: Religious Studies and Theology (European Science Foundation):  lists and "categorizes" the major journals in religious studies and theology.  Although "the distinction between the categories A, B, and C is not primarily qualitative", the impression that a kind of ranking has taken place is not, it seems to me, completely unfounded.  For the whole of the Humanities, go here.
Evangelical Library Online
Faith and Learning Network Bibliographic Database, Institute of Christian Studies
Farmington Institute, Papers of the:  short papers by prominent academics on a number of topics within theology.
Fellowship of Catholic scholars quarterly
Fides Quaerens Internetum (The Christian Theology Page):  "a hub for locating serious Christian theological activity on the Internet".
Free Theological Journals on the Web (American Theological Library Association)
Freiburger Fachportal Theologie
Full-Text Theology Journals Online (Lois J. Blume Library, St. Mary's University)
Gallica (Bibliothèque national de France (BnF))
Gifford Lectures
GlobeTheoLib (Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism)
Glossary of Theological Terms
Google Books
Guide to the Graduate Study of Religion and Theology (American Academy of Religion)
Handbuch der Dogmengeschichte
Hathi Trust
Index Deutschsprachiger Zeitschriften, 1750-1815 (IDZ)
Indexes and Guides to Western European Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences:  identifies indices and guides to the periodical literature of several centuries.  Comes in two parts:  1) comprehensive resources and 2) language-specific resources.
Interactive Timelines, Modern & Origins (St. John's College, University of Nottingham): You Tube excerpts here.
International encyclopedia of the social sciences, 2nd ed. (2008), via the King County Library System (requires a KCLS login)
Internet Archive
Investigating atheism (Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge; University of Oxford)
JURN:  "a curated academic search-engine, indexing 3,209 free e-journals in the arts & humanities."
Knowledge Commons
Latin American Periodicals Tables of Contents (LAPTOC)
Latino/a Bibliography of Theology and Religious Studies:  "a project and service of the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the U.S. (ACHTUS). . . accurate, complete and frequently updated bibliographical information on and by U.S. Latino/a Catholics and Episcopalians".
Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) database:  LIMCabrev offers the entry list; LIMCbiblio, additions to the bibliographies; and LIMCicon, "the iconographical documents . . . that have been catalogued and analysed by the French LIMC team".  All of this is meant to keep LIMC (which is not thereby replaced!) up-to-date.
Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche: article and author search
McGrath, bibliographies to Christian theology: an introduction (4th ed., 2007)
OpenDOAR:  The Directory of Open Access Repositories
PaperC.com:  full-text (also searchable) of books in (mostly) German. Can be downloaded for a fee, but read for free.  Lots of theology.
Pascal Lectures on Christianity and the University (University of Waterloo)
Princeton Theological Seminary Digital Library
Programmatic Bibliographies, Divinity Library, Vanderbilt University
RGG4 (Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart, 4. Aufl.) Stichwörter (entries); publication dates
Riviste on line (Istituto Teologico di Assisi)covers a number of important theological journals (RIVISTE) published in Italy.  Search under RICERCA.
Search Pigeon: Open Access Journals and Research Tools for Researchers in the Humanities
Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies, Higher Education Academy
Theological Commons (Princeton Theological Seminary)
Theological Journals Search: :"search[es] over 250 religion journals related to scripture studies, systematic theology, practical ministries, and cognate disciplines for which full text is freely available on the Internet."
Theological Library Portal: :"Search in Thousands of Online Theological Library Resources"
Theos: The Public Theology Think Tank:  "aims to provide alternative perspectives to the orthodoxies of secular culture and impact public opinion about the role of faith and belief in society. It was launched in November 2006 with the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, and the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor".
TRE (Theologische Realenzyklopädie) Entries List; publication dates.  Gesamtregister only at REF BR95 .T47 2010 v.1-2.
Thoughtful Christian:  link is to the few materials that are free online.
Timeline (St. John's, Nottingham)
TREN (Theological Research Exchange Network)
Tyndale Library Periodicals List, Tyndale House, Cambridge
Veritas Forum
ViVa Women's History:  "Viva is a current bibliography of women's and gender history in historical and women's studies journals. Articles in English, French, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian languages are selected from 180 European, American, Canadian, Asian, Australian and New Zealand journals. All bibliographic descriptions are stored in the ViVa database. It now contains more than 10,000 records describing articles from 1975 onwards. It is online and freely accessible. You can search the database, and, for titles from 1995 on it is possible to browse by year of publication" (12 October 2006).
Yale Divinity Digital Image and Text Library
Zeitschriftendatabank (ZDB):  not specifically theological, but the world's largest union list of serials.
Zeno.org:  note the sectors on religion and philosophy, among others.

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