About the SPU Library

Welcome to the SPU Library—a place to discover, create, and share knowledge.

Welcome to the Seattle Pacific University Library—a place to discover, create, and share knowledge.

The SPU Library provides collections, instruction, technology, spaces, and personnel to advance teaching, learning, and scholarship at Seattle Pacific University. Our local collections include digital, print, and archival resources and, through the Orbis Cascade Alliance, we provide access to the collections of thirty-seven other academic libraries in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. We are available to help students and faculty with research, teaching, and technology needs in-person and online. Throughout the library, a variety of spaces are available for individual and collaborative work.

I invite you to explore and avail yourself of all that we have to offer through this website and in the Ames Library building. I hope you will, and let us know how we can improve and innovate to enhance your learning and research experience.

Michael J. Paulus Jr.
University Librarian
Assistant Provost for Educational Technology
Director and Associate Professor of Information Studies

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Information Studies Minor

Information Studies examines the dynamic relationships between information, technology, and people. This minor examines the creation and use of information and digital technologies and prepares students to thrive academically, professionally, and spiritually in our information-rich and digitally-networked world.

Information Studies Program